Ditto Music vs Tunecore

Spend less and earn more when you team up with Ditto Music. With affordable annual subscriptions including unlimited releases to all major platforms, signing up for music distribution with Ditto guarantees you a much better deal compared to Tunecore.

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Ditto Music vs Tunecore

Pricing & Features

Ditto Music offers much better value for money across the board when compared to Tunecore. Not only are Ditto's music distribution subscription plans cheaper, but you'll also gain access to free tools Tunecore makes you pay for - as well as extra promotional services and much, much more.

We'll also let you test things out completely free of charge for 30 days, giving you some time to make your own mind up.

Check out just how Ditto matches up to Tunecore below.

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Ditto Music
Free trial
$19 p/y
$19.99 p/y
Choose your release date
Publishing royalty collection
Promo services
Keep 100% royalties
Speed to Spotify
1-3 days
2-5 days
Royalty splits
Custom label names
Professional plan
Label services
Professional plan
Add new platforms to old releases
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Is Ditto Music better than Tunecore?

Let's dive into why we're the best choice for artists & labels everywhere.

1. Cheaper & unlimited.

With Ditto, you're able to release unlimited music across hundreds of major music platforms & stores for just $19 per year. Do yourself justice and choose Ditto to save more without limits.

2. No hidden costs.

You'll of course keep 100% of the royalties you make from your music releases with Ditto, but we’re also fully up front about our fees. Unlike Tunecore, we won’t charge you extra for added services such as Pre-Save Links, adding new stores & keeping your music in stores for longer. $19 a year. Everything included.

3. Try before you buy.

If you’ve never released music with a distributor before, there’s a lot for you to think about. We get that. This is why we'll always encourage you to try out our free 30-day trial to make sure we’re the right fit for you. You won't get this opportunity at Tunecore so why not give our free trial a go?

4. Reach even more listeners.

With the biggest catalogue of online stores amongst any distributor, you’ll be able to reach more listeners when you release music with Ditto. We’re tight with all the big names - Spotify, Apple Music and Instagram to list just a few - as well as having excellent relationships with music services across Asia, Africa and South America. Helping get your music heard across an international stage.

5. Customise your release strategy.

At Ditto, we know distribution is about more than simply releasing music. That’s why we help you tailor your release strategy with our award-winning promo team, PR packages & promo campaigns.

6. Establish yourself as an artist.

After you release with Tunecore you’re on your own. But at Ditto, we won’t love you and leave you. We ensure our artists can develop a long-term, sustainable career from their music. Our team is always on the lookout for new artists to sign to our Ditto Plus record label services, where we support you with playlist pitching and even more promo activities. 

7. Advanced artist analytics.

Every time you release music with Ditto, you'll gain access to insightful music data to help you plan the best next steps for your career. You'll be able to measure track streams, downloads, fan base demographics and more from the comfort of your very own Ditto dashboard.

8. We’re as indie as they come.

Our co-CEOs Matt and Lee Parsons founded Ditto Music with the vision of being 100% independent. And nothing has changed since. We remain one of the last truly independent music companies out there and everything we do is aimed at supporting our artists. 

Thinking of moving?

Transfer your music catalogue from


over to Ditto and keep all of your existing streams and placements. Check out our FAQ article for more info on making the move. 

What our Artists Say.

Big Zuu

“With Ditto I’ve been able to grow & really focus on my next steps as a musician.”


“Ditto has given us the ability to control our music and package it in unique ways. They have fully supported our releases with some amazing results!”

Jaz Karis

“The Ditto team is great! You’re fully supported but still have complete creative control, which is the most important thing for an independent artist.”

Ted Jasper

“Ditto keep it real, back my music and give it the support it needs. I’m proud to be distributed by them!”

Mom Tudie

“With support from the Ditto team, I’ve been able to follow my own path. They’ve helped my music find new audiences around the world”

Lennis Rodriguez

“To be with Ditto is to be at home. You feel free, you feel heard. And as a singer, that is the goal.”


“Ditto has helped get our music out to millions and land some of the best playlists”

JB Scofield

“Working with Ditto has been a sick experience. They’ve got a solid team who are incredibly supportive of me and my team’s ideas & vision, allowing me to be the artist I want”

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