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Decades of experience landing major features for artists of all sizes.

Our Sync Pitching Dashboard is home to the latest sync briefs across TV, film, ads, games and everything in between.

Sign up and pitch your music. You never know where it could take you.

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Sync opportunities. Open to everyone.

We work with artists from all genres, locations and backgrounds. Whatever kind of music you make, it could be a soundtrack to something. So keep an eye on our dashboard for the latest syncs.

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Ditto Pro is more than just Sync. Access industry-leading tools designed to raise your profile and turn your music into more money.
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Unlimited Distro for Two Artists

Release as much music as you like on Spotify, Apple Music and 100+ platforms. Access all Pro features for two artists on one account and keep 100% of your royalties.

Collect Extra Publishing Royalties

Recover all of the missing royalties you're due and boost your earnings by up to 20% when you register your tracks with Ditto Music Publishing.

Collect Extra Publishing Royalties

Any releases you drop with Ditto Music will stay live in stores indefinitely, even if you miss a payment, cancel your subscription or a stage light falls on you.

Grow on Youtube With Content ID

Make sure your music is tracked and protected across YouTube. With Content ID, you'll get paid royalties any time your music is featured in a video.

Priority Support

Skip the queue and talk to our team whenever you need us. We're always online, ready to answer your questions and help you navigate the industry.

All Artist Features

Power up your career, with Ditto Splits, market your tracks with our Smartlink Technology, and get fast payouts on our website or through our new App.

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