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Music Sync Licensing Explained

Securing a sought-after sync placement can do wonders for your music career. It’ll not only bag you some upfront cash, but it’ll also propel you into the TV and movie spotlight - putting your music in front of new viewers all over the world. But how does it work and how can you secure a music sync licensing deal? We’ve got all of this covered and more below. 

What is music sync licensing?

Music sync licensing is all about using music to enhance any visual content. This could mean adding tracks to video games, TV shows, films, or product adverts. Think about the tunes you hear during car ads or in old video games like Tony Hawk’s Underground or the Colin McRae rally games.

Adding music to these placements isn’t just great for the companies posting the briefs, but it’s also a massively exciting opportunity for you to get your music out there and in front of a whole new audience of listeners. 

Music Sync Licensing | Pitch Music for TV and Film

How to get a sync deal

Scoring a sync deal for your music can help catapult your music into the spotlight and expose it to a whole new crowd that might never have stumbled upon it otherwise. We're talking global exposure!

Placements can pump up your streaming stats, boost your Instagram following and seriously top up your budget and this journey all begins with Music Supervisors. 

What does a music supervisor do?

When a film or TV show is being finalised, music supervisors will be tasked with sending out detailed briefs for tracks to accompany things. 

Each brief will be tailored to a specific project they're working on. You might fit the bill for some briefs but not others. And that’s totally fine!

Luckily for you, Ditto Pro artists have access to a wide range of Sync Opportunities briefs across TV, film, ad campaigns and more, with briefs suited to all different styles and genres. Keep up to date with the latest opportunities on your Sync Dashboard.

Once music supervisors have their briefs ready, they’ll send them out to music publishers and sync teams to see if they have anything suitable to pitch. 

Publishing companies then sift through submissions, looking for the perfect tunes to pitch for each brief. Think of it as matchmaking for music and projects.

Sync licensing companies 

Joining a sync licensing company or collection society is an absolute must for artists looking to land sync placements. This will ensure all of your music royalties are correctly counted and fed back to you.

Some of the biggest collection societies you’ve already probably heard of include:


- PRS for Music (UK)

- APRA AMCOS (Australasia) 

At Ditto Music Publishing, we’ll help you get started with a collection society and set everything up for you - taking away any stress and making sure you get paid exactly what you’re owed.

Music sync licenses

A music sync license gives brands the right to use a certain piece of music within its content. This is usually negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but you can potentially earn thousands of dollars for just one successful placement.

You'll also be looking at a sweet stream of additional royalties every time your music gets broadcasted, with one well-placed sync potentially filling your pockets for years to come. 

We know what you’re thinking. That’s only for big-name artists, right? Wrong!

Sync offers a great way for any artist - independent or signed - and no matter where they are in their career. As long as the music fits the visuals, any song has a chance.

Social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube are shaking things up in the sync game. They're not just social hubs anymore - they're becoming talent scouts. A&Rs around the world are now turning to socials to find emerging artists who are cut out for the sync world. Don’t miss out on your big shot and keep on top of all your music marketing tasks.

Music Sync Licensing | Pitch Music for TV and Film

Do I need a music sync license?

To clear your music for sync, you need to get hold of 2 crucial licenses:

  1. The master copyright
  2. The publishing copyright

Master copyright licenses are all about song recordings. These licenses are usually owned by artists involved in the recording process or by any record labels associated. 

Publishing copyrights on the other hand focus on how a song is composed. Songwriters will usually own these rights, but if a track has more than one songwriter, all parties will need to sign off on the license for it to be cleared.

How to write songs for sync

Here are a few extra tips to help your music stand out when submitting your sync pitches.

1. Keep things generic and non-specific. Of course there'll be times where briefs are highly detailed, but generally, the more malleable your track, the better chance you have of landing a sync placement.

2. Consider the structure of your song. Think about long instrumental sections of your tracks which could work perfectly for ads or movie sequences.

3. Create stand-alone sections. Does your track have a catchy chorus or unique lyrics? These features might help you stand out to companies and land to cool sync placements.

4. Pitch high-quality tracks. This should go without saying, but if you’re pitching for sync - you’ll need your music to be on point. This means good production and expert mixing & mastering.

5. Make sure your artwork, lyrics, any press photos, and artist biography are easy to access in case they're required for any promotional linked to the sync opportunity.

6. Ensure your social media platforms are lively and interactive! This will greatly enhance your chances of attracting the attention of potential music supervisors.

7. We’d also suggest keeping a clean version of your song alongside your other assets. Lots of sync briefs ask for this so it could well come in handy.

Remember though, every music supervisor and brief owner has their own personal preferences. Just believe in your work and make sure you’re sending over the best possible representation of your music. 

Music Sync Licensing | Pitch Music for TV and Film

How to get sync placements

Ditto Pro artists have access to the hottest sync briefs from across the world of TV, film, ads and more.

Better still, we can also help you register your tracks for extra publishing royalties when you sign up to Ditto Music Publishing. 

We’ve already secured high-profile placements for our artists including recent placements with brands such as Netflix, HBO, BBC and many more. Sign up today and you could be next!

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