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Register Music for the Official Charts

Submit your tracks for top music charts with Ditto and boost your chances of global recognition.

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Register Music for the Official Charts

How to register music for Billboard Charts, Official UK Charts and more

Increase the visibility of your tracks by making them eligible to enter music charts all over the world. Get started right now on the Ditto Release Builder.

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Widen the reach of your music

Give your music the best chance of commercial success and register it for official chart consideration. Simply select which charts you'd like to register for when uploading to Ditto and we'll do the rest.

Register Music for the Official Charts
Register Music for the Official Charts

Worldwide exposure on global music charts

We register your tracks for the biggest and best charts across the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and more, setting you up for success wherever you are.

YouTube Content ID Royalties:

Expose your music to new audiences all over the world
Increase your streams across Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and beyond
Generate more royalties from your growing fan base

Land on top music charts

Make sure your release is eligible for top music charts like the UK Top 40, Billboard and ARIA with Ditto. Keep on promoting your tracks online to climb even higher.

How Official Chart Registration works

Climbing the biggest charts around the world has never been easier for independent artists.

Step 1

Release your music

Upload your music to Ditto and follow the steps in our Release Builder.

Step 2

Select your charts

Choose which official charts you want to register your music for, including Billboard and The Top 40.

Step 3

Global stardom!

Promote your music online and watch your track climb the charts.

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How to Get on Global Music Charts: Official Chart Registration

One of the key tricks to opening your music up to the world is Official Chart Registration. If you’re serious about making a name for yourself internationally, it’s time to register your music for official charts.

Registering your tracks for charts like Billboard or The UK Singles Chart opens up countless opportunities for them to be featured across official and global music charts in markets across the globe.

When distributing music through Ditto, you have the option to register your releases for official charts across the UK & Ireland, USA & Canada, Australia, and even further afield through your Ditto Release Builder. 

You’ll also be able to select specific music charts you want your music to be considered for if you want to target your music towards certain markets.

How to Land on Top Music Charts - live gig

How to register your music for the charts

Before you can start taking over the charts and making a name for yourself worldwide, your music needs to be out there for people to find and listen to. That means making sure it's available on digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. 

At Ditto, we send your music to every major music platform around the world - giving you the best chance of global chart success.

Here’s how easy it is to sign up and register your music for official charts with us:

  1. Upload your music via the Ditto Release Builder.
  2. Enter all of your music’s details and create your release.
  3. Decide which charts you’d like to register your music for.
  4. Choose which music stores you want to send your tracks to.
  5. Complete your release and promote, promote, promote!

How to Land on Top Music Charts - Ditto Release Builder

How to promote your music for the charts

Once your music is out there and registered for the charts, it's all about spreading the word. Social media promotion, playing gigs, and releasing music videos are all great ways to drum up extra interest around your release. 

To get you up and running, here are some of our top tips on how to promote your tracks, gain more media attention and start climbing up the official charts.

Advertise on social media 

Organically promoting your music on your social media profiles is obviously a great and free way to get more eyes on your content, but if you’re looking to break into the charts, it might be worth considering putting some additional spend behind your posts to reach a wider audience.

Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns are a great way to do this and can massively boost the reach of your music. You can set daily budgets and select specific regions to send your ads to all from within the Facebook Ads Manager. Check it out.

How to Land on Top Music Charts - person using social media

Influencer marketing 

Influencer music marketing can be another really useful tactic to promote your release. We’ve seen a huge rise in influencer marketing over recent years, advertising countless products and brands, but this approach also works when applied to music. 

If you’re able to collaborate with a popular social media influencer, you’ll likely be able to tap into their huge network of followers and increase your streams and sales. Something to consider at least.

Ditto Promo campaigns

Alongside your own promotional efforts on social media, a Ditto Promo or Promo+ campaign can also take your music promotion up a level. With loads of exclusive features and tools, a Promo campaign will help you reach way more people and get your music into the ears of the right industry heads. Check out more about how Ditto Promo can help you here.

What are the top music charts?

Each country tends to have it’s own official charts, taking into account the different sales taking place in that region. You’ll likely have heard of a few big names, but here are some of the biggest charts from around the world that you can aim to land on.

UK Top 40

In the UK, The Official Top 40 reflects the biggest and best songs of the given week - taking into account any streams, downloads and physical sales songs have accrued within that period. The UK Top 40 is a singles chart and is managed by the Official Charts, who also publish the Official Albums Chart and genre-specific charts such as Rock and Dance.

Singles Chart reflects the UK’s biggest songs of the week, based on audio and video streams, downloads, CDs and vinyl, compiled by the Official Charts Company. 

Billboard Hot 100

The US has its own music charts, with the biggest and most well-known being Billboard’s Hot 100. The famous Billboard magazine compiles this singles chart based on single sales, radio airplay and digital streams within the US.

ARIA Charts

ARIA Charts are made up of the most popular tracks in Australia and include both singles and albums charts, as well as Australia-specific and international charts. You may have heard of the ARIA Top 50 charts.

Apple Music Charts and Spotify Music Charts

Alongside the official charts companies, you can also aim to land on Spotify and Apple Music’s own weekly charts. These include regions charts like Apple Music’s City Charts, highlighting what’s going on in your area. 

How to Land on Top Music Charts - Apple Music Charts

Popular Spotify Charts include their Top 50 - Global playlist and their Daily Viral Charts. Follow our tips on how to get playlisted on Spotify to learn more about boosting your chances of getting added to these.

How to Land on Top Music Charts - Spotify Charts

How do music charts work?

Now, onto how things actually work and how the charts are calculated.

Charts companies collect info from all across your sales and streams, also taking into account any radio play you’ve achieved to help them decide what's hot and what's not. 

We suggest keeping tabs on these numbers, just to make sure they're accurately reflected and you’re getting the credit you deserve. This might mean reporting your sales and streams and providing proof to back it up. A useful habit to get into.

It can also be quite fun watching your sales numbers start rolling in, so make sure you're tracking how your music stacks up against the competition and enjoy climbing up those chart ladders.

How many streams do you need?

According to The Official Charts, to achieve a Number 1 single in the UK you’ll need a weekly stream count of roughly 7.3 million. Something similar to that of Teddy Swims, whose hit track Lose Control spent 11 weeks in the UK Top 10 earlier this year.

To secure a spot in the Top 20, your track will require at least 2.5 million streams, and for the Top 40, it’ll need over 1.7 million streams. 

If you want to top the Official Number 1 Album chart, you’ll be looking at over 30,000 sales and streams of your LP.

How to Land on Top Music Charts - UK Official Singles Chart listings

When it comes to submitting your music for official chart consideration, you need to do some digging into each one and check out the submission process charts. Make sure to play by the rules, but most importantly, release great tunes!

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