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Register your music to qualify for Billboard, ARIA, and UK Top 40 charts. Boost your release with our essential Chartbreaker tools. All for just -.

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What is

Our Chartbreaker package gives you access to our exclusive bundle of industry tools and services, providing the same blueprint major label artists use for chart success. Each feature is designed to help you promote your music and boost your chances of breaking into & climbing the charts.

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Run a pre-order campaign on the iTunes Store and Amazon to start racking up sales before your release date. Offering pre-release downloads is a great way to give your first week of sales the extra boost you need to break into the charts.


If you want your music to chart, it needs to be registered! We’ll register your tracks for chart entry across the globe with major players like Billboard, the Official UK Charts, Australia’s ARIA charts and more.


We’ll add a track from your release to our Chartbreaker Spotify Playlist to help grow your Spotify stream count. That means more potential exposure & higher royalty earnings. We promote this official Ditto playlist to over 100k musicians and industry players.


Receive two optimised graphics to share on your socials - one telling fans to pre-save and another saying your music is out. Feature your artwork and a snippet of your music in the background, they’ll show fans exactly where they can hear your track. Make sure to share the graphics with your Ditto SmartLink to create more hype!


Use our exclusive drag-and-drop EPK template to create an eye-catching Electronic Press Kit and get everyone talking about your new release. Just add your images, bios, links to your track and more. Then send it to the people who can help you break out.

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PRESS DatabasE 

We’ll send you a do-it-yourself PR Guide, crafted by our industry experts and complete with a database of publications to send your music to. Team up your new EPK with our PR Database and boost your chances of getting spotted by music bloggers & journalists.

Everything you need to climb the charts for just -

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make the MOST OF

Register for the charts.

We'll register your release for the biggest charts across the globe. Just select Chart Registration on our Release Builder.

Pre-release campaign.

Get fans to pre-order downloads of your music across iTunes and Amazon to help rack up some big sales numbers. And use your social graphics to plug pre-saves.

Claim music publishing royalties
Pitch music for TV, film and more
Playlists & press features.

Use your EPK Builder, PR Guide and Contact Database to contact music journalists and land a guaranteed place on an official Ditto Spotify playlist.

Your release drops.

Once you're music's out there, keep posting your optimised and eye-catching graphics across your socials. Make sure to tag us. If we see it, we might reshare it!

Get paid music publishing royalties

Everything you need to climb the charts for just -

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What our Artists say

Using Ditto's chartbreaker services I sold over 100,000 copies of my debut single 'Turn My Swag On'.

- Alexa Goddard

After using Ditto’s Chartbreaker services, I not only increased my sales and my fan base, but I managed to chart in the iTunes top 10 with my first ever release!

-Louisa Wendorff

Ditto Music support their artists as well as providing them with a service. I can't see me leaving them for as long as I'm still making music.

-SNY Producer


Access tools used by major label artists

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