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Ready to get discovered on one of the world’s most biggest social media platforms? Make sure influencers across the globe can add your music to their content by uploading music to Instagram's official audio library with Ditto.
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How to upload your music to Instagram

1. Sign up for your free account with Ditto Music.

2. Upload your music to Instagram's music library.

3. Add your music's cover art, lyrics and official release date

4. Submit any credits and collaborators to receive royalties from Instagram.

5. Receive personalized streaming reports and keep every penny you earn.

How to upload music to Instagram

Why put your songs on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

With over a billion users worldwide, getting your music on Instagram offers the potential to reach millions of new listeners & get your music featured by influential tastemakers on the app.

When you distribute your music to Instagram through Ditto, you’ll be able to put your songs on Instagram's official audio library where users can discover and use your tracks in their content.

Why use Ditto Music?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.

Keep 100% of your royalties & rights.

Access pre-save, royalty splits and lyric uploads.

Get in-depth insights into streams, sales & listener data.

At Ditto Music, we support over a million artists worldwide. We’ve been powering independent music for over a decade, helping artists share their music with fans on the world’s biggest music platforms.

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How to add music to Instagram

Instagram Music Distribution Explained

Can I get my music on Instagram?

Yes! Anyone can upload songs to Instagram's official audio library when they distribute music through Ditto. When you’re submitting your songs for upload, make sure you’ve read our audio guidelines and artwork rules so you’re sure it meets Instagram’s audio eligibility specifications.

How long does it take to upload songs to Instagram?

It usually takes around 5-7 days for your tracks to be processed by our team, accepted by Instagram and made readily available on the platform's music library.

How much money will I make from Instagram?

Instagram is also owned and operated by Facebook, which means your music will be monetised every time it is used across any type of Facebook content. It’s hard to say exactly how much money you will make, as the exact amount will depend on how many times your song is searched and selected by other users to feature in their own content.

When will I get paid by Instagram?

We’ll pay 100% of your Instagram royalties directly into your Ditto account as soon as we receive them. There’s usually a delay of around two months for the first payments to arrive after a track has been released.

How do I get more exposure for my music on Instagram?

Getting your music picked up and featured by an Instagram influencer has the potential to get it discovered by a huge online following of loyal fans. Search for influencers on the app who align with your brand, reach out and build a connection. In the meantime, continue your Instagram and social media marketing efforts to get discovered by other users on the app. Don’t forget to check out our Unsigned Advice blog and subscribe to our mailing list for the latest music industry advice. You should also look to get verified on Instagram to build a bigger following.

How do I start posting music on Instagram?

You can start posting and promoting music on Instagram now. Simply create a free Ditto Music account, upload your tracks and access your 30-day free trial to start releasing unlimited music on Instagram. It’s really that easy. And you’ll keep absolutely everything you earn.

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