Ditto Music vs CD Baby

It’s only right that you control your own music career. So why not team up with the one and only distributor that truly backs artist independence? Unlike CD Baby, we’re all about giving you the freedom you deserve. Don’t believe us? Here are the facts.

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Ditto Music vs CD Baby

Pricing & Features

As a Ditto artist, you’re able to earn way more money from your music than you would with CD Baby, as well as intricately plan your entire release strategy and receive full support along the way from our team of industry pros. 

Each time you want to release a single or album, you’ll have to pay CD Baby $9.99. With Ditto, you can release unlimited music for a whole year for just $19. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Plus, you can even try us out for free for 30 days to see why we’re the best distributor out there.

Let's see how Ditto checks out against CD Baby.

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Ditto Music
Free trial
$19 p/y
$9.99 per release
Unlimited releases
$9.99 per release
Publishing royalty collection
Choose your release date
Keep your music in stores long term
Promo services
Royalty splits
Official chart registration
Speed to Spotify
1-3 days
2 days - 2 weeks
Custom label names
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Is Ditto Music better than CD Baby?

Caught in two minds between Ditto Music or CD Baby? Check out why Ditto takes the crown each and every time.

Keep more of your money. 

Starting off with a big one. It'll cost you less money to release unlimited music with Ditto than it would with CD Baby. Ditto Publishing will also help put the power back in your hands and let you earn even more money from royalties. There's no competition. 

Reach listeners across the world.

Ditto Music sends your tracks to more global music platforms than CD Baby - and anywhere else for that matter. We’ve got partners at all the major players like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok and more as well as lines set up with international music services across China, Korea, South America and Africa.

100% straight back to you.

Yep, you read that right. With Ditto, we'll send absolutely everything you earn back to you as well as help you set up automatic split payments for any partners that have worked on your music with you. No extra charge. CD Baby on the other hand reckon they deserve a 9% cut of your music revenue.

Manage your release.

We help you plan out your music marketing around an exact release date, equipping you with free pre-save links and worldwide chart registration. On top of this, you'll also have the choice of getting advanced promo support that you don’t get with CD Baby.

Accelerate your career.

We help you develop your music and offer our artists professional promotional campaigns to help advance your career. Ditto also scouts any upcoming talent we think might benefit from signing with our Ditto Plus record label services where we can offer even more support through playlisting and promo assistance.

Access to artist analytics.

Monitor your streams, downloads, and fan engagement data across all music platforms - all from your own personal Ditto dashboard. Gain insights into your audience and their locations to strategically shape your next move.

Develop your sound & style.

Our dedicated team is on hand to help you uncover new ways to break into the industry and fast-track your career. Our website, blog, socials and YouTube channel are all full of priceless resources to help you reach the next stages of success.

We’re independent musicians ourselves.

We’ve been there ourselves. Our CEOs Matt & Lee Parsons founded Ditto Music after their own issues releasing music back in the mid-2000s, so we’re perfectly set up to counter the struggles that independent musicians face.

Take control of your release.

Ditto knows distribution is much more than simply releasing music. Our award-winning promo team, PR packages and campaigns are all in place to help you navigate the other aspects of a successful music career. You won’t find this service at CD Baby. Just saying.

Thinking of moving?

Transfer your music catalogue from

CD Baby

over to Ditto and keep all of your existing streams and placements. Check out our FAQ article for more info on making the move. 

What our Artists Say.

Big Zuu

“With Ditto I’ve been able to grow & really focus on my next steps as a musician.”


“Ditto has given us the ability to control our music and package it in unique ways. They have fully supported our releases with some amazing results!”

Jaz Karis

“The Ditto team is great! You’re fully supported but still have complete creative control, which is the most important thing for an independent artist.”

Ted Jasper

“Ditto keep it real, back my music and give it the support it needs. I’m proud to be distributed by them!”

Mom Tudie

“With support from the Ditto team, I’ve been able to follow my own path. They’ve helped my music find new audiences around the world”

Lennis Rodriguez

“To be with Ditto is to be at home. You feel free, you feel heard. And as a singer, that is the goal.”


“Ditto has helped get our music out to millions and land some of the best playlists”

JB Scofield

“Working with Ditto has been a sick experience. They’ve got a solid team who are incredibly supportive of me and my team’s ideas & vision, allowing me to be the artist I want”

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