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Music Marketing in 2024: The Independent Artist’s Handbook

Music Marketing Guide: The Independent Artist's Handbook
July 18, 2024
There’s never been a better time to get discovered as a new and independent artist - but to cut through the noise, you need to hone your music marketing strategy. If you make great music but are struggling to break through, then our FREE music marketing e-book is for you.

Introducing Ditto Music's complete guide to music marketing in 2024: The Independent Artist’s Handbook.

There’s never been a better time to get discovered as a new and independent artist - but to cut through the noise, you need to hone your music marketing strategy. If you make great music but are struggling to break through, then our FREE music marketing e-book is for you.

Music Marketing Strategy Guide: Download The Independent Artist’s Handbook

The Independent Artist’s Handbook explains what YOU need to include in a successful music marketing strategy.

We’ve covered everything from getting music playlisted, smashing social media and reaching new fans, to booking live gigs, making music videos and everything in between.

Hit download below to grab the FREE E-Book or read on for a taster of what you’ll discover inside.

Music Marketing Guide - Download the Independent Artist's Handbook

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The Best Music Marketing Strategies in 2024

The Independent Artist’s Handbook dives into all of the hot music marketing topics you'll come across in 2024. Setting things up 8 weeks before your planned release date, we’ve created a promo timeline so you can hit listeners with the right marketing strategies at the right time.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some the topics you'll find in the handbook - plus some unmissable videos from our Unsigned Advice YouTube series.

Release Strategy

Before you start dropping new music, you first need to decide on your overall release strategy.

Your strategy can make or break your release, so establishing your plan early on and making it the very first thing you do could be the difference between your tracks getting some serious attention, as opposed to getting lost in the #NewMusicFriday black hole.

What’s the best release strategy for new artists wanting to make waves in 2024?

The most widely-accepted theory is that newer artists need to release new singles regularly to keep their audience engaged. Testing the waters, before dropping a bigger project like an album.

An effetive tactic to do this is through the Waterfall Strategy. Check out the eBook or the video below for a full run-down of how the Waterfall Strategy works and how it can help you boost your stream numbers.

Branding & Assets

We all know a visual asset speaks a thousand words - and it’s no different when it comes to the content you’ll be using to promote your release.

Press shots and music videos are a great place to start. But why?

for starters, you can repurpose them for use across social media, music streaming platforms, as well as in any media coverage about your new release.

The Independent Artist’s Handbook features an awesome guide to branding, music videos and press shots, as well as optimising them for your social posts.

Music Marketing - Branding & Assets

Getting Playlisted

There are three ways to get your music playlisted on Spotify:

- Get picked up by official Spotify playlists
- Pitch for independent playlists
- Land on the platform’s algorithmic playlists - like
Discover Weekly and Release Radar

Each requires a different set of techniques and tactics. Get started right now by signing up for Spotify for Artists. We’ve explained everything else you need to know in the Handbook, so hit download above to get all the juicy deets on landing a playlist spot!

Securing Media Coverage

Catching the eye of music journalists, bloggers and influencers will really help you generate some word-of-mouth buzz - plus a nice review at the top of Google search results is always a bonus.

But bagging that all-important media coverage ain't easy.

You’ll need a slick press release, artist bio and EPK - not to mention the right approach when it comes to sending your music to journalists.

Luckily, we have this covered. Chapter two of The Independent Artist’s Handbook covers all of this and more in detailed steps.

Music Marketing - Securing Media Coverage

Social Media

Chances are you already have a social media presence and fanbase. But are you really engaging fans and growing your following? If you’re finding it difficult to blow up on socials, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to help you go viral on TikTok and promote music on Instagram.

Your social channels should be brimming with content both before and after your release date, pushing fans to your music from every platform out there - keeping tabs on new platforms like Instagram Threads and making a name for yourself online.

There’s lots to get you teeth into across socials - especially when it comes to short-form video content, which is huge right now. Check out how you can stand out and get verified on TikTok.

Radio Airplay

Getting your music played on the radio can massively impact your overall music career - so it’s vital to approach radio stations in the right way and give yourself the best chance of making it onto the airwaves. But what exactly is the right way?

It’s all about knowing who to approach, how to approach and convincing them why they should give your track a spin.

Music Marketing - Radio Airplay

Live shows

Nothing quite compares to playing your music live. You could have millions of followers on social media, but it means nothing if they don't show up at your gigs. That’s why playing killer live shows and getting known on the circuit is key for upcoming musicians.

Getting booked for live shows doesn’t happen by accident.

You’ll need to put in the groundwork of building your brand, creating resources like EPKs, networking with promoters and honing an unforgettable live set.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Just download the Handbook and head to chapter five - and make sure to check out the video below while you're here.

Now you’ve got taste of what to expect from The Independent Artist’s Handbook, you can download it here. The free e-book has over 30 pages of music marketing insights, with insider knowledge to help you advance your music career.

Don’t forget to share it on socials too! Hit the Tweet button below or tag us @Dittomusic across all platforms.

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Music Marketing in 2024: The Independent Artist’s Handbook

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