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Our Ultimate
Promo Package.

Get more likes, shares, press features & fans!

Ready to take your music career to the next level?

Our ultimate promo package has been specifically designed to help grow your fanbase worldwide. Our industry experts will work with you to optimise your online presence, land essential press coverage and make sure your music reaches new fans.

How it works.

  • Getting to
    know you.

    Before we get started, we’ll take some time to learn all about you and the music you’re set to release. As soon as we’ve got all the information we need to maximize your promo potential, we can get to work creating and launching your campaign.

  • Developing
    your brand.

    At this stage, we’ll develop and create everything you need for a successful promo campaign. Our experienced press team will write a professional press release about your music, designed to grab the attention of blogs & influencers. We’ll also use our industry knowledge to build a tailored 4-week posting schedule which will push and promote your music to new and existing fans more effectively across Instagram.

  • Campaign

    When everything is ready, it’s time to officially launch your promo campaign! Our social media experts will provide everything you need to make a bigger impact on Instagram and our press team will distribute your press release to our long list of bloggers and journalists. Plus, we guarantee to get your release at least two online blog features.

  • Reporting &

    We’ll provide a detailed report on your campaign covering both press and social media, explaining exactly how our promo has helped to grow your online presence and attract more attention to your music. We’ll also send you an exclusive guide full of PR advice alongside a contact database to help you continue your promo efforts into the future.