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How to Get Verified on Spotify in 2024

How to Get Verified on Spotify
December 20, 2023
Getting verified as an artist on Spotify is a no-brainer. And luckily, Spotify verification is open to every single artist on the platform - plus it's really easy to do.

It also boasts a lot more opportunities than a nice-looking blue tick next to your name. More than simply legitimising your profile to fans and listeners, claiming your Spotify profile and getting verified means you can unlock some really useful features to help market and promote your music on the platform!

And turns out, it’s really simple to do! So we’ve broken it down for you into a series of short steps.

How do artists get verified on Spotify?

Step 1 - Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists

First, you'll need to put your music on Spotify.

Once you've released it there, go to artists.spotify.com to claim your profile.

When you get there, select the hamburger icon in the top right corner, as shown below.

Then select “Get Access” from the options menu.

How to Get Verified on Spotify in 2022

Step 2 - Confirm your account

Next, enter your Spotify login details to confirm your account.

Spotify will then check to make sure it’s you (just incase).

How to Get Verified on Spotify in 2022

Step 3 - Search for your artist profile

Once you’ve confirmed it’s the right account, select whether you’re claiming as an artist/manager or label team member.

You’ll be able to find your artist profile by searching, or copying and pasting a URL link.

How to Get Verified on Spotify

Step 4 - Fill in a few questions about yourself

Spotify will then require you to fill in some info about the artist profile you’re claiming.

This will include your:

- First Name

- Last Name

- Business Email

- Role i.e Artist, Manager etc

- Company (if applicable)

Step 5 - Verify your profile submission

Finally, to verify your submission, you’ll need to connect to either your Instagram or Twitter social profiles, or copy and paste a link to your official artist website.

Then click “Submit.”

How to Get Verified on Spotify

And you’re done! As easy as 1,2,3 (4,5..).

Now remember, it can take a couple of days for Spotify to confirm your verification submission. But you’ll know you’ve been verified when that little blue tick appears by your artist name.

And if you wanna see the process in action, here’s Spotify’s official vid for the verification submission process!

Why should artists get verified on Spotify?

So what’s the big shakes about being a verified Spotify Artist?

Well, prepare to be shaken.

Getting that little blue tick is more than just authenticating and legitimising yourself to fans and listeners on the platform. Similar to getting verified on TikTok, Spotify verification includes some exciting Spotify add-ons. With verification comes some exciting Spotify add-ons. Those which allow you to define your brand, find out about your listeners, and utilise specific artist-centric features.

As a verified Spotify Artist you can:

Update your profile image

The perfect opp to feature those impressive press shots! This’ll not only make your profile look more professional and legit, but it’ll also help visualise the general aesthetic of your music when listeners find themselves searching for new music.  

Submit to Spotify playlists

One of the Spotify for Artist's best features is the ability to pitch music for Spotify's own editorial playlists.

But remember, you can only pitch music that hasn't been released yet and there's a specific process you'll need to follow. Follow these links to learn more about pitching for editorial playlists as well as getting playlisted across Spotify.

Edit your Spotify Artist bio

Add context to your profile with info about your musical influences, inspirations, personal reflections, or any biographical notes you think fans would be interested to know!

You could also shoutout some recent gigs or performances, any awards or nominations you’ve received for bonus legit points.

View streaming analytics

Spotify verification also lets you access and view streaming insights for your Spotify Artist profile.

Find out stats for your listeners, monthly listeners and followers, as well as your top 200 songs!

Access Spotify’s “Artist’s Pick”

Last but not least, you’ll get use of the Spotify for Artists exclusive feature, “Artist’s Pick.” This lets you;

- Pin a track, album or playlist to the top of your Spotify profile – A great way to promote your own music and/or let fans know what you’re currently listening to.

- Share gig/tour dates – You could actually round up your next gig attendees via your Spotify profile, who’d of thought?!

- Add custom images for Artist Pick’s features – Either feature your own artwork, or select images that you feel visualise the featured items on your profile.

Verifying your profile is a crucial step in promoting your music on Spotify. Getting verified immediately boosts your credibility among both fans and playlist curators alike.

But not only this.

Through gaining access to a range of exclusive features, Spotify verification unlocks new potential for maximising your in-platform promotion and engagement.

So what are you waiting for? Go apply for verification right now!

How to Get Verified on Spotify in 2024

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