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How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile

How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile
September 9, 2020
Amazon Music has launched its new analytics tool for artists and - much like Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists - it’s a great way to delve into the data behind your release and find out who’s listening to your tracks.

How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile & Get Verified

If you release music on Amazon Music, it’s easy to verify your artist profile on Amazon Music for Artists. Here’s how it works.

1. Head to artists.amazonmusic.com and sign into your Amazon account.

2. Select your artist name and complete all the fields.

3. Fast track your verification by including social media links and more.

Once you’re verified with Amazon Music for Artists, you can access a range of analytics and data about your music’s performance on the platform.

This service offers plenty of useful info on a range of data points including streaming numbers, playlist features, voice search and more. Here’s everything you can learn from Amazon Music for Artists.

How Does Amazon Music for Artists Work?

Stream Counts & Top Songs

Just like other streaming analytics platforms, Amazon Music for Artists allows you to use custom time frames to find out your total streams and total listeners, as well as stream counts for each of your individual tracks.

Playlists & Stations

Anytime your music is added to any of Amazon’s playlists or Stations they’ll appear on your artist dashboard.

Voice Requests

You can also track your Amazon Voice Requests through the platforms. Whenever someone requests your artist name, or any of your albums, tracks or lyrics, through some of Amazon’s voice recognition gear like Alexa, it’s logged here.

Daily Voice Index also categorizes your music’s performance from 'Cool' to 'Fire', based on how many Alexa voice searches you've had compared to the average of other artists with the same sized audiences.

Fans & Superfans

Ever wondered how many people REALLY love your music? Amazon for Artists analyses your streaming data to categorize your listeners into ‘fans’ and ‘superfans’.

This kind of data offers a great insight into how many listeners are heavily engaged with your music. But how does Amazon define Fans and Superfans?


Fans are people who have returned back to your music after first-listening, added your tracks to their personal music library or playlists, followed your profile or purchased your digital or physical products.

These are the fans that drive over 50% of your streams and more than 1/3rd will continue to stream your music in the next 30 days.


Superfans are a relatively small but very important section of your most loyal fans. These guys make up close to 1/3rd of your total streams and most of them will carry on to listening to your tracks over the next month.

Integrate Twitch

Another interesting feature of Amazon Music for Artists is the ability to integrate your Twitch channel. Here’s how:

1. Login into your Amazon Music for Artists account.

2. Select Profile & Tools and click Connect Twitch Channel.

3. Log into your Twitch account to connect.

Once you’ve connected your Amazon and Twitch accounts, fans can watch your Twitch streams directly through the Amazon Music app!

Amazon Music for Artists is a powerful tool with a number of analytics features like Voice Requests you just can’t find anywhere else. We all know Amazon is an online powerhouse, and its music service starts to catch up with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music (find out about Spotify for Artists here), now’s the time to start delving into your data and making an impact on the platform.

How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile

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