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Add your music to Facebook

1. Create your Ditto Music account with a free 30-day trial.

2. Send your music to Facebook through your Release Builder.

3. Team up with your songwriters and split your royalties.

‍4. Promote and share your Pre-Save link on your Facebook profile.

5. Sit back and watch 100% of your royalties come straight back to you.

How to get your music on Facebook

Why put your music on Facebook?

Arguably the biggest name in social media, Facebook is one of the most well-known global brands of all time, with over 2 billion daily active users across more than 230 countries.

Alongside providing artists with a perfect platform to promote their music through their own pages and profiles, Facebook also lets music lovers around the world enhance their content and add your tracks to their stories, posts, and videos. 

Connect your music with Facebook users and grow your network more than ever before, through shares, likes and viral posts and upload your releases through Ditto Music.

Why use Ditto Music?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.

Keep 100% of your royalties & rights.

Access pre-save, royalty splits and lyric uploads.

Get in-depth insights into streams, sales & listener data.

At Ditto Music, we support over a million artists worldwide. We’ve been powering independent music for over a decade, helping artists share their music with fans on the world’s biggest music platforms.

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How to get your music on Facebook

Facebook Music Distribution Explained

How do I send my music to Facebook?

This is where we come in. With Ditto Music, you can easily send your tracks to Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music and over 150 other major music platforms by selecting the store in your Release Builder. Start now with your free 30-day trial.

How do I promote my music on Facebook?

There are loads of cool ways you can promote your music independently on Facebook, whether that be through paid ads or by running exciting social media campaigns. For tips on how to grow your audience on Facebook, make sure to check out the Unsigned Advice blog.

Can I add my lyrics to Facebook?

If your lyrics are available, users can select your song when creating their Post or Story by navigating through the Music tab. Songs with lyrics will have this label attached to them to avoid any confusion.

How can fans add my music to their Facebook story?

Facebook users will be able to include your music in their Facebook stories by selecting the Music icon when creating their Story. There's more details on how to set this up here.

How do I earn money from having my music on Facebook?

Promoting your music and brand on Facebook will no doubt boost your overall earnings through greater exposure, but Facebook also lets you earn money directly through fans including your music in their posts. You'll earn royalties whenever your songs get included in someone's story or video. And the best thing is, we'll sort all of this out for you automatically.

Facebook's Music Revenue Sharing feature also allows creators to use licensed music from artists in their videos and pays a share of the in-stream ad revenue back to artists. Check it out to see if you're eligible.

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