Ditto Music vs UnitedMasters

We want you to get the most out of your music. So why wouldn’t you? Distribute your music to more places with Ditto and keep more of your earnings than you would with UnitedMasters. No release limits. No commission.

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Ditto Music vs UnitedMasters

Pricing & Features

Release unlimited music and keep 100% of your royalties with Ditto. You’ll have to drop at least $59.99 a year with UnitedMasters to receive the absolute bare minimum we offer our artists.

Ditto not only lets you earn more through selling your music, but also allows you to completely map out your own release plan with the help of our team of experts. You can even try us out for free for a full 30 days to see if you think we're the right fit for you.

Take a closer look into how Ditto matches up to UnitedMasters down below.

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Ditto Music
Free trial
30 day
14 day
Access to 150+ stores
YouTube Content ID
Choose your release date
Publishing royalty collection
Auto-add new platforms to old releases
Speed to Spotify
1-3 days
2+ days
Promo services
Royalty splits
Official chart registration
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Is Ditto Music better than UnitedMasters?

Still not convinced? Dive into why Ditto Music comes out top.

Earn more AND keep more.

For starters, it'll cost you less each year to release unlimited music and keep hold of 100% of your royalties with Ditto. Ditto Publishing also gives you the chance to earn extra cash from your performance royalties

Build your global fanbase.

Releasing with Ditto means you'll have access to far more global music platforms than UnitedMasters. Our strong links with all the key platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and Tidal mean that you're joining a global network of dedicated team members all with your music's interest at heart.

Keep ALL your royalties.

UnitedMasters’ free plan only lets you keep 90% of your royalties. You’ll have to fork out $59.99 to get hold of all of your own royalties. With Ditto, you always keep 100% of everything you earn. The choice is clear.

Fine-tune your release.

With Ditto, your career is all in your own hands. We’ll hook you up everything you need to succeed - including free pre-save links, chart registration, and loads of cool promo stuff that you won't find on UnitedMasters.

You can also set up automatic split payments direct from your Ditto account, letting you share out everyone's fair share without any drama.

Level up your career.

We take your career seriously at Ditto. If we think you might benefit from it, we offer up-and-coming talent added promo campaigns to help boost their music journey, as well as plenty of opportunities to join our Ditto Plus record label crew. Providing you with that extra support during play listing and promo tasks.

Dive deeper into your data.

Track your streams, downloads, and who's vibing to your beats on the different music platforms, all from your personal Ditto dashboard. Find out who your fans are and where they're at so you can plan your next moves like a pro.

Develop as an artist.

We're all about helping the Ditto family find new avenues into the industry and fast-track their music careers. Our social media, Unsigned Advice blog, and YouTube channel are jam-packed with useful tips and tricks to make your music journey even more awesome.

Been there. Got the t-shirt.

Our CEOs, brothers Matt & Lee Parsons, started the Ditto journey after issues releasing their own music back in the early 2000s. We know what it feels like to be independent musicians and we know what it takes to help get you to the next level. 

Craft your release your own way.

We get that your journey is much more than simply releasing tracks. That's why we let you customise your entire release strategy with the guidance of our team of PR & Promo experts. Will you get this at UnitedMasters? Nope, they don't have anything like it. Learn more from our team today.

Thinking of moving?

Transfer your music catalogue from

United Masters

over to Ditto and keep all of your existing streams and placements. Check out our FAQ article for more info on making the move. 

What our Artists Say.

Big Zuu

“With Ditto I’ve been able to grow & really focus on my next steps as a musician.”


“Ditto has given us the ability to control our music and package it in unique ways. They have fully supported our releases with some amazing results!”

Jaz Karis

“The Ditto team is great! You’re fully supported but still have complete creative control, which is the most important thing for an independent artist.”

Ted Jasper

“Ditto keep it real, back my music and give it the support it needs. I’m proud to be distributed by them!”

Mom Tudie

“With support from the Ditto team, I’ve been able to follow my own path. They’ve helped my music find new audiences around the world”

Lennis Rodriguez

“To be with Ditto is to be at home. You feel free, you feel heard. And as a singer, that is the goal.”


“Ditto has helped get our music out to millions and land some of the best playlists”

JB Scofield

“Working with Ditto has been a sick experience. They’ve got a solid team who are incredibly supportive of me and my team’s ideas & vision, allowing me to be the artist I want”

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