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Promote Music on Instagram Threads and Take Off in 2024

Promote Music on Instagram Threads and Take Off in 2024
July 18, 2023
Every so often we see a new social media platform arrive on the scene and shake up how musicians market their music. And now it’s the turn of Meta’s new text-based app - Threads. 

Over 30 million users signed up for the new conversation app on its first day, so we’re here to break down how musicians can use Instagram Threads to promote their music in 2024.


What is Instagram Threads?

Launched as a direct rival to Twitter, Threads from Meta is a new social media platform built for sharing public updates and joining open conversations. Designed with discussion in mind, Threads allows users to share posts made up of 500 characters or less, including photos, links and videos up to 5 minutes long.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads

Offering users a higher character limit than Twitter, the team behind Threads is actively working to make the app more compatible with other platforms and help shape the future of social media. Good news for sharing your music.


How to use Threads as a musician

Getting started with Threads is really simple. You just need to have an Instagram account already set up. 

Sorted? Log in like normal and follow the 'Get Threads' prompts from within Instagram to transfer your existing details and Instagram verification over to your Threads account. You’ll have the choice to import all of your current information over to Threads or manually set a new username, bio and links, letting you personalise your artist profile exclusively for the new platform.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads - Threads ID page

Make sure you’re linking your artist Instagram account to Threads and not your own personal account (if you have a separate one that is).

As things stand, Threads doesn’t have a website, so you’ll need to download the Threads app from the Apple or Android store. You can either do this yourself or wait to be prompted to do so when you click through from Instagram. 

Promote Music on Instagram Threads - Threads on App Store

With Threads taking the crown as the fastest-growing app of all time, it’s vital you act quickly and start building your music brand on the platform. We’ve put together some tips below to help you set up your account and start promoting your music on Threads.


How to promote your music on Threads

Marketing yourself on Threads works very much in the same way as promoting your music on Instagram, Broadcast Channels or on Twitter

Look at Threads in the same way you use Instagram for photo dumps, or Twitter for answering fan questions.

⁠⁠- Chat with fans and join discussions

- Share detailed tour info and ticket links

- Promote your new t-shirts and merch

- Direct fans to your Ditto SmartLinks

- Publish up to 10 gig photos in each post

- Link out to your website from your Threads bio

- Highlight your videos with 5-minute video clips

- Drive followers through from Instagram

The 500-character limit lets you post in-depth ticket and tour announcements with the option to include up to 10 images in each post.

What about sharing collections of your gig highlights, merch ranges and full versions of performances through the 5-minute video feature too?

Threads also makes it easy to engage with your fans through public conversations and you guessed it, Threads of comments.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads - Threads public conversations

Unlike Twitter and Instagram however, Threads doesn't make use of hashtags, so there’s no need to add these to your posts. Without the option to search using tags, it’s important that you drive your existing fans from social media to your new Threads account. 


Threads vs Twitter

The comparisons have been there since the very start. Musk vs Zuckerberg. Twitter vs Threads. This was always going to be the case. Everything Threads does will be compared to the existing features of Twitter. But just what exactly are the differences? 

Our side-by-side comparison chart below helps break down the key differences you need to know.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads - Threads vs Twitter infographic

Despite the differences, both platforms offer unique opportunities for musicians to develop their music networks and grow their artist brands. 

Tip: Encourage your existing followers on Twitter to also follow your new Threads account.

With Twitter restrictions and platform uncertainty in the news every other week, Threads may well become the go-to app for musicians looking to effectively promote their new releases and grow their artist fan base.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads - Twitter vs Threads logo

It might be early days, but we can already confidently say that Threads offers artists another highly useful music marketing tool to promote their music. Whether you use the platform to post lengthy text-based content or dump a tour photo album on there, Threads lets you engage with old and new fans alike.

Promote Music on Instagram Threads and Take Off in 2024

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