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How to Find a Music Promoter in 2024

How to find music promoters & book gigs
January 19, 2023
Playing gigs is arguably the most essential aspect for any musician hoping to develop their sound and grow their music’s fanbase.

No matter if you’re focusing on playing on your local circuit or grow your music’s fanbase out of town, you need to be developing relationships with music promoters and venue bookers to get some dates organised. Here are our top tips for finding promoters and getting booked for those all-important gigs.

A guide on finding music promoters


What does a music promoter do?

Music promoters play a key role in the running of the live music industry. Their main task is to find and put on exciting shows that will draw in music fans from both near and far - establishing a particular style and sound within their area.

Chances are, if you’re already familiar with your area’s music scene, you’ll have some local gig promoters and venues on your radar. If you aren’t as active as you want to be just yet, consider going to other bands’ gigs as much as possible to not only support other independent artists, but to also get more familiar with promoters on your circuit.

Chat to other bands, either at gigs or via your social media network, and ask them who and how they find live opportunities. The Unsigned Guide online music directory also has contacts for Promoters and Venues across the UK so can also be a good starting point if you want to book some out of town gigs.

If you’re looking for new contacts locally, or perhaps for gigs in a different town or city, then also keep an eye on venue gig listings to find out which promoters are putting on regular shows. It’s also worthwhile to keep your eye out for any opportunities to perform at festivals - which are often put on by similar promoters.

How to find music promoters & book gigs - live music gig

Finding the right music promoter

Whilst it may be tempting to fire out your music to every single promoter contact you’ve come across, you are ultimately wasting your time - which would be better spent investigating a little further initially. Try to target promoters who specialise in your type of sound.

Check out what genres of music promoters are putting on and bands that they’ve previously booked. Does it fit in with your style? There’s no point emailing an acoustic promoter when you’re a heavy rock band! Spend some time looking on their website and recent gigs they’ve organised to make sure you are barking up the right tree before you hit the Send button.

This also goes for music venues. You need to understand which ones are right for your music and know how to approach these venues.

Social media provides an excellent resource to not only promote your music online, but to give you more info about promoters and gig opportunities. Check out promoter instagram accounts to see what events they specialise in and send over a DM with all of your info.

How to find music promoters & book gigs - Social media platforms


What to send to music promoters

How gig promoters prefer to hear from musicians and how they want to hear your tracks varies across the industry. Whilst some prefer to receive track links via email, others find messages like this clog up their mailbox and would prefer an Instagram DM with a link to your music.

The Promoter and Venue listings in The Unsigned Guide will tell you exactly how each contact prefers to hear from you & what format they want your music in. Many promoters will have information on their website about the best way to submit music so make sure you follow their guidelines.

Generally it’s best to keep contact short and relevant. A brief intro about your music, where you’re based, what gig dates you’re looking for and details of any noteworthy gigs you’ve played in the past is a good start. If the promoter has previously put on bands that you have a similar sound to that is also worth mentioning, and will add a personal touch to demonstrate you’ve done your research.

It’s also a good idea to put together a press kit to direct promoters to. It’s a straightforward easy way for them to find out everything they need to know in one simple click, but just ensure you keep it up to date! Don’t forget to include contact details for your band and links to well-maintained websites and social media pages.

What to send to music promoters

Develop your music network

Having a wide and supportive network is key to being successful in the music industry - and plays a crucial part in helping you get more gig bookings.

Having a strong social media presence, as well as being well-known within your local music scene can really help boost your chances of being booked more often and putting you front-of-mind in promoter considerations. Check out our video below to learn more about developing your musical network and getting more gig slots.


Don't be afraid to follow up

There is no harm in politely following up your email - or DM - if you don’t hear anything at all, typically leaving 4 to 6 weeks from your initial contact. Like any professional music conversation, use your best judgement to decide how and when to reach back out.

This is something that your band or artist manager will be able to assist you with. Speak with them about helping organise your gig bookings.

Whatever your band's aspirations, you'll need to secure a good amount of live shows to expand your network and fanbase. Finding and connecting with local music promoters is a great way to get more bookings, so follow these steps that we've laid out and get those coveted support - or headline - slots.

This is a guest blog from online music industry directory The Unsigned Guide. Since 2003 The Unsigned Guide has been used by emerging bands, artists, producers & music managers to search over 8,500 UK music contacts across 50 sectors of the industry, ranging from gig promoters, venues, record labels, music publishers to recording studios, managers, radio stations & festivals.

How to Find a Music Promoter in 2024

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