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Live performance tips to help you put on a great show

Whether you're an established artist with hundreds of gigs under your belt, or a new band looking for your first gig, perfecting a live music performance can be nerve-racking and challenging. Melbourne indie rock band Frida share their essential tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best out of all your live shows.

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Check out Frida's tips for performing music live on stage


1. Practice Makes Perfect.

Heavy-duty practice once a week and additional practices leading up to special gigs or recordings are really important. We’ve had our weekly practice times pretty much set in stone for years now, so we just know that on Monday nights, we do Frida. Individual practice is required too - I think an important thing about being in a band is understanding that just playing the songs at band practice won’t cut it. All the members of Frida are invested and in love with the project – we’re going to do the work at home by ourselves, and during group practices, to ensure that we’re not just fumbling through.



2. Shake off the nerves.

Nerves are normal. I definitely get nervous before performing. Performing is a big deal! I like to meditate before going on stage – there are heaps of apps for meditation but I use Headspace, it’s awesome – but if you’re not into meditating or find it difficult in a noisy gig situation, I’d just recommend taking some time out by yourself to relax pre-gig for a little bit.


3. Choose a well-respected venue.

Always check out the venue beforehand. We are pretty open to performing anywhere, however – the venue will become blacklisted if we have a bad experience, ie. bad sound, rude staff etc.



4. Don't get drunk

Absolutely do not get drunk before or while playing. It’s not funny or cool. This is a huge and difficult one, seeing as alcohol and gigs are so intertwined. I have never been drunk while performing, but when I was younger I didn’t see having a glass of wine on stage with me as such a big deal - heaps of well-respected and wonderful people do it and are not drunk or rowdy or anything. Very recently, though, I’ve been speaking to a few other professional musicians and also my Dad (who has lots of things to say on the matter), and the one thought that keeps coming back is: I do not drink at my office job. Why should I drink at my music-job?


5. Always warm-up

Warm-up!!! If you’re a singer like me don’t be embarrassed to go into the band room and do your funny vocal warm-ups. It is way more embarrassing to sound rusty on stage than to be caught singing “Bella Signora” by the bar staff.



6. Plan on your setlist carefully

Write setlists, and write when you’re going to speak to the audience and even write down exactly what you’re going to say, too. This prevents embarrassing anecdote sharing and other various miscommunications. A good friend of mine also shared a great piece of advice with me once, which was: don’t crack inside jokes while performing with audience members that you know personally, because it alienates those who don’t know you.


7. Never stop in the middle of your show

If you make a mistake, keep going. If you forget the lyrics, make them up. Also, make it your number one priority to be interesting. Your job is to make people stop talking over you so they can listen with their jaws on the ground.


A big thank you to Frida for sharing their tips and tricks for putting on a great live performance. The band has just released their brand new EP 'I Want In Your Head’ and you can expect to hear more moving, complex and soaring pop music that shrieks and sweeps you up and swallows you whole from the bands live shows.

You can listen to Frida's brand new EP on iTunes and Spotify now.

Do you agree with Frida's advice? Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to putting on an unforgettable live show? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to share!