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How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music in 2024

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music
January 17, 2023
Want to get your music up alongside some of your favourite artists on an Amazon Music playlist? We’re here to guide you through each step of pitching your new release and getting featured on Amazon's global playlists.

Signing up to Amazon Music for Artists allows you to pitch your music directly to their team of editors and curators for playlist consideration. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be placed onto a playlist that matches your sound or genre - sharing your new music to thousands of listeners around the world and boosting your fanbase!

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music

How to pitch to Amazon Music

First thing’s first, you’ll want to make sure you've verified your artist profile on Amazon Music. Not only will this help you look more professional to your fans and other artists, it also provides you with access to a full range of exclusive analytics and data about your music’s performance on the platform.

Similar to the features that Spotify for Artists provides, Amazon Music for Artists offers insights into your stream counts and top songs, as well highlighting your music's 'superfans' and where they're listening to your tracks. This info will help you better engage with your fans and plan where to visit on any upcoming tours.

1. Open the Amazon Music for Artists app

Once you’ve verified your Amazon Music profile, you’ll be able to plan your playlist pitch. The first step of the pitching process is heading to the Amazon Music for Artists app and selecting “New Releases".

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music

2. Select your chosen song

Once you think you have a track ready to go for pitching to a playlist, you’ll need to make sure it meets the Amazon Music submission criteria. To be eligible for playlisting, your song needs to be:

- New, never released music

- Only 1 track per release (this goes for EPs, singles, or albums)

- Distributed to Amazon Music with streaming rights

- Pitched no more than 14 days after its release date

3. Make your pitch

If your track meets all of the above eligibility criteria, then it’s on to making your pitch. This includes entering all of Amazon’s required information - such as the genre of your music, track lyric information and why Amazon listeners will like the song. Basically, you need to explain to Amazon's curators why they should pick your track.

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music

You’ll also have the choice to enter some further, optional information that will better help Amazon determine what playlist to place your song on if it’s successfully chosen. Will your track fit into the Feeling Happy playlist or feel more at home sitting in the Acoustic Chill mix?

This optional info includes more stuff too, like what other artists you sound like, what mood your track is associated with and what part of the world your fanbase is located in.

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music

After this, make sure to review all your information, submit your song, and cross those fingers!

Note: Once your pitch has been submitted, you won’t be able to make any changes to it. Triple-check everything before clicking that submit button.

Benefits of pitching to Amazon Music

Landing a spot on Apple Music, Spotify or any other major platform’s curated playlists opens you up to a whole new audience of listeners, but Amazon Music also offers some other exciting benefits when pitching for their consideration.

When you pitch to Amazon, your existing fans and followers receive:

- In-app activity posts on their feed in the Amazon for Music app

- Mobile push notifications to their smartphone

- Alerts and prompts from Alexa if they request your music

Even if your track isn’t selected for playlisting this time around, your song information and track metadata is still available to Amazon and can help playlist curators determine when and where to play your song. Helping you reach a wider audience through Amazon’s genre-based browsing and Alexa hints.

Getting added to a global playlist with thousands of followers can take your music to unimaginable levels. Amazon Music for Artists have made the process for pitching easier than ever so make sure your track adheres to all of the eligibility criteria we've covered here and get your submissions in today!

How to Get Playlisted on Amazon Music in 2024

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