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The Best Free Autotune VST Plugins in 2024

The Best Free Autotune VST Plugins
February 1, 2023
Autotune VST plugins are immensely popular these days. And if you’re an artist who sings and produces your own music, you’ll love how autotune effects can completely transform the sound of your music.

Using autotuning is also arguably one of the simplest things you can do to your song to make (and hear) a huge difference. Which is why it’s a great option for artists and producers who are either a ittle less experienced and still honing their skills, or even a complete music production beginner who's just getting started.

4 free autotune plugins for music production

So for those who want to try out some autotune effects, we’ve made a list of the 4 best free autotune VST plugins on the market right now!

Remember - while free versions are great, if you've got the budget to play with, make sure you check out our countdown of the 10 best VSTs first, so you can make the right investment choice for you and your music.

But without further ado, let's get into it!

1. Auburn Sounds Graillon

The Best Free Autotune VST Plugins - Auburn Sounds Graillon

Type: Vocal Live Changer

Okay so from a graphical point of view, it would probably have made more sense to hide the elements from the user interface that aren’t available in the free version.

But aside from that, this plugin does its job really very well!

The intonation correction sounds extremely natural once you find the right settings - sometimes to the point you can’t even tell an effect is at work at all!

Anyone who uses pitch correction as a stylistic device will also get their money's worth with this option. That’s not to say robot-like sounds aren’t also a possibility, however a nice bonus is the ability to pitch shift, with optional preservation of the formants. At least with a smaller shift, it sounds as if the singer were singing a few notes higher/lower, without any silly helium or nitrous oxide effect.

2. Meldaproduction MAutoPitch

Meldaproduction MAutoPitch

Type: Pitch Correcting

One of the greatest parts about MAutoPitch is that it’s very easy to use.

Simply select the root + key (you can choose between major, minor, chromatic and pentatonic) and then adjust the effect strength and the speed of the intonation correction depending on the desired sound.

The extras: If you want, you can spice up your vocals with effects such as formant shifting (for helium and nitrous oxide voices with extreme settings) or mutual detuning (detuning) of the left and right channels by up to 100 hundredths of a semitone (cent).

This VST Plugin - also available as VST3 and AAX - comes from one of the most enthusiastic audio developers. The quality of its software is constantly increasing, as is the ranging variety of free plugins on offer.

Plus the trappings are just right, with a customizable user interface as well as tools such as a limiter, automatic make-up gain and flexible channel settings.

3. GVST GSnap


Type: Pitch Correcting

GVST GSnap - a classic when it comes to free autotune plugins.

This plugin gives you the alternative option to specify whether or not you want the tones to be processed and corrected, according to the recorded MIDI notes. You can literally set the tone with a digital piano or MIDI output.

The artistically exaggerated autotune effect (modelled on Antares) can be achieved well here. However the natural-looking correction is less convincing, with the voice always sounding a bit erratic.

But as a whole, Gsnap provides an insightful historical representation of the pitches analysed and the pitch correction effected.

Also included: A control for the range of the pitch bend wheel and a vibrato.

4. Antares Audio Technology's Auto-Tune Evo

Antares Audio Technology's Auto-Tune Evo

Type: Pitch Correction & Vocals

Antares Audio Technology's Auto-Tune Evo was released back in February 2018 and has been gaining increasing popularity ever since.

It has a superb range of capabilities, including real-time pitch correction for live performances, vibrato controls and Humanize.

Auto-Tune Evo, like other auto tune plugins, was designed with vocals in mind. However, it can also be used with most monophonic instruments, such as bass.

It has 2 fundamental modes: Automatic & Graphical.

With the Automatic Mode, you simply provide Auto-Tune Evo with some basic information about the music - the rest it does on its own.

With the Graphical Mode, you can manually walk over the whole track and instruct Auto-Tune precisely where, as well as how much adjustment it needs to apply.

Automatic Mode is also great if you want to emulate T-sound Pain's or if you just want to fast change a track.

While utilising the Graphical Mode requires a lot more work and so isn’t for everyone, I've found that it produces a much more transparent and realistic sound, and the frequent artefacts associated with tuning are much less visible.

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The Best Free Autotune VST Plugins in 2024

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