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Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms in 2024

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms
November 2, 2022
Image sizes and requirements vary from music platform to platform. What this means, is that the dimensions you’re currently using for your Spotify profile, may not be consistent with the image requirements for your profile on Amazon Music or Tidal.

Music benefits from clean, consistent imagery across all platforms - on either social media or streaming - that’s unburdened by grainy pixelation or awkward cropping. So here’s our guide to all the image dimensions you need for the major music streaming platforms and services!

Music Platform Image Sizes for Artists in 2024

Do NOT underestimate the importance of your music’s visual digital presence. Good-quality graphics are now a key focal point for fans and listeners on streaming platforms.

Imagery is a powerful tool in not only assisting your in-platform marketing, but it also helps listeners and audiences quickly identify with you and your brand through isolated images of things like cover artwork, your music logo & any other visual branding cues.

NOTE: When it comes to managing your imagery across music platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Bandcamp and Twitch, all allow you to make image changes directly.

However – other platforms, including Tidal and Deezer, require specific access rights. If you don’t have these rights, you can request an image change via your music distributor.

If you’re currently distributing with Ditto and would like help managing your imagery, just let us know at support@dittomusic.com.

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Now - onto the specs.


Spotify Image Sizes

With Spotify for Artists, you can update your Spotify profile picture and your header image. Learn more about how to use Spotify for Artists here.

Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG or GIF

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms - Spotify

Profile Picture  

- Recommended dimensions: 750 x 750 (1:1)

- Max file size: 20 MB

- Should feature artists face in centre

- Must not contain any offensive materials, as well as writing, branding, advertising or upcoming tour/album promotion

Header Image

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 2660 x 1140


Apple Music Image Sizes

Similar to Spotify, you can manage your Apple Music imagery directly, via the Apple Music for Artists access. You’ll need to have claimed your Apple Music profile to do this.

Supported file formats: JPG or PNG

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms - Apple

Profile Picture

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 2400 x 2400 (1:1)

- Resolution: 72dpi

-  Don't try to upscale images

-  Images shouldn’t include writing, logos or borders


Amazon Music Image Sizes

With Amazon Owners and Admins access, you can edit your Amazon Music profile and background images via the Amazon Music for Artists app. Or by visiting the website.

Otherwise, you can submit an image change request through your chosen music distributor.

Your updated images will appear on Amazon Music and the Amazon retail website within 48 hours.

Supported file formats: JPEG or PNG

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms - Amazon

Profile Picture

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 500 x 500 (1:1)

- Max file size: 15MB

Background Image

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 1920 x 1440 (1:1)

- For best results, the Artist’s face should feature in the upper 40% of the image, and roughly centred horizontally

- Avoid using images that feature writing, logos, offensive materials, or contain violence or partial/explicit nudity

<div id="deezer">&nbsp;</div>

Deezer Image Sizes

To update an image on Deezer, you can make a direct request via your music distributor, or through Deezer Backstage. From here you can also add social links and edit your artist bio.

Supported file formats: JPG

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms - Deezer

Profile Picture

-   Recommended dimensions: 500 x 500 (1:1)

Channel Banner

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 1800 x 230

- Max file size: 6MB


Tidal Image Sizes

Image changes on Tidal must be requested via your chosen music distributor. Send a link to your profile plus the image you’d like to upload to carry out the request.

Supported file formats: JPG

Profile Picture

- Recommended dimensions: 1080 x 720 or 1000 x 1000 (1:1)

- Max file size: 10MB


SoundCloud Image Sizes

SoundCloud let’s you change your profile picture directly on the platform. Just go to your profile and click on the image you’d like to change.

Supported file formats: JPG or PNG

Profile Picture

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 1000 x 1000 (1:1)

- Max file size: 2MB

Header Image

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 2480 x 520

- Max file size: 2MB


YouTube Music Image Sizes

YouTube Music allows you to manage your artist profile right on the platform. All you have to do is head over to your profile on YouTube Music to start uploading.

Supported file formats: JPG or PNG

Profile Picture

- Minimum recommended dimensions: 5120 x 2880 (16:9)

- Resolution: 150 dpi

- Images should be in landscape or mode

- Artist’s face must feature in the profile image – avoid using album artwork or images with text


Bandcamp Image Sizes

You can change your Bandcamp image directly from your Bandcamp profile. Once you've deleted the existing image, you can upload a new one.

Profile Picture

- Recommended dimensions: 600 x 600 (1:1)

Header Image

- Recommended dimensions: 975 x 40-180

Album Artwork

- Recommended dimensions: 2000 x 2000 (1:1)

- Minimum dimensions: 350 x 350 (the larger the image size, the better)

- Recommended file formats: TIFF, PNG or Photoshop Document


Shazam Image Sizes

If you're putting your music on Shazam, things are a bit different.

Shazam for Artists has been integrated into Apple Music for Artists. So as a result, you can only manage your Shazam imagery via your Apple Music for Artists account.

This also means the profile image you’ve used for your Apple Music account, will automatically be pulled into your Shazam account. Jump back to Apple Music Images for the required dimensions.


Pandora Image Sizes

A bit like Shazam with Apple Music for Artists, your Pandora account is integrated with your Facebook account. You’ll need to make sure your Pandora and Facebook accounts are connected to make any image updates.

So by rule of thumb - to change your Pandora profile image, you’ll need to change your profile picture on Facebook. This will then appear as the same on your Pandora profile in a couple of days!


Twitch Image Sizes

Again, image edits on Twitch can be carried out directly from your profile.

Supported file formats: JPEG, PNG or GIF

Profile Picture

- Recommended dimensions: 1600 x 1600 (1:1)

- Max file size: 10MB

Banner Image

- Recommended dimensions: 1200 x 480 (5:2)

- Max file size: 10MB

And just like that - you’ve mastered the art of crafting optimal sized-imagery across all the major music streaming services!

Time to drop your next banger? Go sign up with Ditto Music and release unlimited music everywhere.

Artist Image Size Guide for Music Platforms in 2024

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