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An Introduction to Discord for Musicians

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians
November 30, 2022
As a musician in 2024, you’re already more than likely active on various social media platforms. Instagram and TikTok have recently emerged as absolute must-have marketing tools, but how much do you know about using Discord to promote your music?

We’re here to guide you through a perhaps under-utilised social media platform that can help transform your fan engagement strategy. Let’s dive in.

A Guide to Discord Music Promotion

Discord is a chat-based social media platform that concentrates on live stream and video content. Originally targeted at video game users, Discord’s user-friendly layout encourages conversation through video calls, live streaming, voice chat, and text, allowing users to connect however they please.

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians - user on Discord app

Discord offers musicians an easy-to-use platform to present video content as well as start engaging conversations - personally interacting with fans themselves.

The app also makes chatting with others really easy and offers search functions that can help you find other people and add them to a friends list for quick communication - making Discord a useful organisational and social tool as well.

Promote your music on Discord

Once you’ve signed up, you’re free to join Discord servers. These online communities are dedicated to specific topics - with many being music related. Think of them as Discord’s version of Reddit subreddits.

You’ll also have the option to create your own unique Discord server and build a place where you can chat with fans, collaborate with other artists and develop your network.

Why not start new fanbase conversations through music video releases, track breakdowns or online Q&A sessions? Utilise Discord’s creator tools and interact with your audience!

Build a music community

Discord’s layout offers musicians a chance to build a real online community, basing things around meaningful discussion between fans and creators.

If you’re already familiar with Discord, you may have noticed that many users are interested in electronic music. Discord of course also caters to many other genres of music, but the platform gears itself towards a more tech-savvy audience, often developing production and home studio conversations.

Electronic act Disclosure stand out as one of Discord's most successful artists. The London-based DJs have established themselves as platform experts, personally interacting with their global network through exclusive server conversations - providing advice on sampling existing songs and tips and tricks on how to properly mix your tracks.

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians - Disclosure's Discord community

Many Disclosure fans now see the pair’s Discord as the first point of call for any new release info or ticket chat - as well as a collaborative community to ask questions about general production and home studio advice.

Develop your fanbase

Producer and DJ, Fred Again.. is another example of an electronic musician who includes Discord within their music marketing strategy. Discord is particularly popular with Fred’s fanbase of passionate supporters who take to his channel daily to discuss the latest remixes and event announcements.

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians - Develop your fanbase

By interacting with his network personally, Fred Again.. has developed one of the most exciting and genuine artist-fan relationships of the past few years - with this approach significantly contributing to the instant selling out of his latest album and tour.

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians - Fred Again's Discord community

The wide array of chat options on Discord helps the platform stand out as a great communication tool. It combines all the best features of more commonly used programs, such as Skype and Slack, with an easy-to-use social media interface. A chat-centric program wouldn’t be too great if it slowed down your games while you’re using it, so Discord is dedicated things making as efficient as possible.

Monetise your music

Alongside building your fanbase and network, Discord provides musicians with a great platform to make some extra cash.

You're able to drop teasers and start discussion around an upcoming tour or direct your fans to your site to buy merch. Why not wear a new hoodie in a livestream with a product link in the chat? Discord's built-in features are geared towards easy linking so take advantage of that!

Discord now also offers creators the option of placing your Discord community behind a paywall - meaning your fans have to pay a subscription to access your content. While this won’t be for everyone, it’s another example of how you can use Discord to make money from your music.

How to grow your network on Discord

The platform's versatility has led large groups of users to embrace Discord as a place to meet and chat with people who have similar interests - not just friends they already knew.

By participating in Discord server conversations, you can develop new friendships and professional relationships that could help your career - there are already thousands of musicians and music industry professionals active on Discord.

There are countless music servers that you can discover on Discord, but we've listed some useful ones below to help get you started and grow your network.

1. Music

Providing a home for general music chat, Music is the server to bring up any casual conversation about your music or a new release from another artist. A solid place to start on Discord.

Music Discord Server

2. Music Production

Music Production is for the creators. A server to help artists improve their own productions - which is also connected to the well-respected r/MusicProduction Reddit community.

Music Production Discord server

3. Music Feedback

A community for all things musical and creative! Music Feedback's users offer constructive and in-depth critique of any track you upload, helping you develop as an independent artist.

Check out the server's rules and ranks below:

Music Feedback Discord server

With one of the most collaborative and discussion-encouraging layouts of all social media platforms, Discord can help boost your fanbase numbers as well as grow your network of general music lovers.

As an emerging artist, you should consider posting video content and starting group conversations on Discord as part of your music marketing strategy.

An Introduction to Discord for Musicians

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