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10 Best Microphones For Your Home Studio in 2024

10 Best Microphones For Your Home Studio
January 6, 2021
Nowadays it’s easier than ever to create an excellent home studio, giving you the option to record your music from the comfort of your own home.

Many recent artists have been able to kick-start a successful music career from their home studio - and a good microphone is the best place to start. Whether you're looking at a microphone for live performances or something to boost your recording sound, you'll find plenty of options on the market. Here's our list of ten of the best.

Best microphones for recording music at home

Shure SM57-LC

1. Shure SM57-LC

This is one of the most versatile microphones on the market. It comes with a frequency range. This ensures that you’ll be able to use to record almost all types of audio. The sound will be similar to real-life. It’s tough and will be able to last a long time. This microphone is fairly affordable.



If you want something to pick up crystal clear audio, this is the right choice for you. It’s very sensitive with a wide range of frequencies. Because of this, you can use it with almost any sound system. Under the right circumstances, you can even use it as a live microphone.

Rode NTR Ribbon Microphone

3. Rode NTR Ribbon Microphone

This is a ribbon microphone. This makes it a good choice for capturing the way that your instrument sounds. You should be able to do this without having to turn the gain up too high. There is an external shock mounting and you should be able to position it at almost any angle.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

4. Blue Yeti USB Mic

If you have limited space, you might want to consider using a USB microphone. These are quick and easy to set-up. Often, they will be easy to incorporate into your recording software. Though these are primarily used for podcasts, you can also use them for your music. Considering the low price, they offer good performance.

MXL 770X

5. MXL 770X

If you are looking for a good combination microphone, this can be a good choice. There are a few things that help set it apart. First, it will come with all the cords you need to get it set-up. There are three different polar patterns. It’s omnidirectional. Because of this, it will be very versatile.

Stellar X2

6. Stellar X2

This microphone will pick up sounds when they are directly in front of it. You can block out background noise. Because of this, it’s a good choice for home recording studios, which might not be fully sound-proofed. It doesn’t make a lot of self-noise. There is a pop filter included, making it a good choice for your vocals.

Rode NT1-A-MP

7. Rode NT1-A-MP

This microphone is so popular because it’s so easy to get set-up. It comes with a stand and a filter. Because of this, you will be able to start recording within a few minutes. It has low self-noise and a large frequency range.

Rockville RCM02 Pro

8. Rockville RCM02 Pro

If you’re looking for an affordable microphone, this could be the ideal choice for you. This can be a good option for those who are just getting started with music and don’t have a lot of money to spend. While it might be one of the cheapest models, it still offers an impressive performance. It can be plugged directly into your computer, so it’s easy to set-up and use.

Sennheiser MD421-II

9. Sennheiser MD421-II

This is a great choice for recording your instruments. It has a wide range of frequencies. This makes it very versatile. You can use it for soft stringed instruments, or to record vocals. It comes with noise attenuation, so you will be able to block out some background noise.

Audio-Technica ATR-1500

10. Audio-Technica ATR-1500

Finally, this microphone has two uses. You can use it to record in your studio. It comes with a Wi-Fi function, so it’s easy to get set-up. But, when you book a gig, it can be used as a performance microphone. It will be able to amplify your voice, which can be ideal for people who like to walk around the stage.

Finding the Right Microphone For You

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of different types of microphones available for you to choose from. But, for some beginners, this can lead to a lot of confusion. Here are some of the ways that you can find the right one for you.

First, you’ll want to consider the pickup pattern. This is where the microphone records the sound from. Some will be omnidirectional. This means that the sound will be recorded from all directions. This is popular for use among choirs. But most home studio owners are better off with a cardioid microphone. This will only pick up the sound coming from directly in front of it. This can be a good way to hide some background noise.

It’s also a good idea to think about the frequency response range. This is often displayed as a graph. This will tell you how the microphone will respond at certain frequencies. If you use this correctly, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend editing your audio.

Third, it’s important to consider self-noise. This is how much noise you’ll hear when you turn up the microphone. Though the microphone is the most important factor, it can be influenced by a few other elements. For example, it can depend on the type of cables you are using.

Lastly, it’s important to think about the dynamic range. This is the difference between the lowest level and the highest level that you can record at. A high-quality microphone will perform well throughout its whole dynamic range. A lower-quality microphone will gain unwanted frequencies at the lower levels.    

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you are still confused or want to see some of the most popular options, you should check out this microphone for rapping compilation.

Once you've chosen your micrphone, and recorded your vocal tracks, make sure you consider your autontune options! Refer to our list of the best free autotune vst plugins for more on this.

10 Best Microphones For Your Home Studio in 2024

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