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Get your music listened to all over the USA & beyond and add your music to iHeart Radio with Ditto. With over 850 radio stations, iHeart is perfectly set up to help new fans discover your latest release across the airwaves.
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How to get your music on iHeart Radio

1. Set up your free Ditto Music account today.

2. Upload music to iHeart Radio with your artwork, lyrics and chosen release date added.

3. Tag your music collaborators to share the credit.

4. Pick up your Pre-Save link and start building hype online.

5. Get to grips with streaming stats and learn about your audience.

Get your music on iHeart Radio

Why upload music to iHeart Radio?

One of the world’s leading radio and streaming service platforms, iHeart Radio offers another amazing place for you to share your music and discover new fans. By getting radio time on iHeart, you’ll open your music up to an audience of over 150 million passionate music lovers spread across multiple markets.

Generate traction on iHeart and land a regular spot on one of their 850+ radio stations, as well as reaching your listeners through personalised playlists and live radio shows. 

Why use Ditto Music?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.

Keep 100% of your royalties & rights.

Access pre-save, royalty splits and lyric uploads.

Get in-depth insights into streams, sales & listener data.

At Ditto Music, we support over a million artists worldwide. We’ve been powering independent music for over a decade, helping artists share their music with fans on the world’s biggest music platforms.

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Get your music on iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio Distribution Explained

How long will it take for my music to get on iHeart Radio?

Ditto works much quicker than most other distributors and aim to get your tracks up and running on iHeart Radio within 5-7 days.

Can fans download my tracks on iHeart Radio?

This feature isn't yet available on iHeart Radio, so your listeners will only be able to stream your music and not download them for offline use.

How do I get more coverage on iHeart Radio?

There's no shortcut to landing more radio airtime right away, but by working with your music team and radio plugger, as well as following our tips on how to write a catchy hit song, you'll be putting yourself in a much better position to get more plays. Head over to our Unsigned Advice blog for the latest music industry advice.

When can I start sending music to iHeart Radio?

You can start right now with your 30-day free trial! All you've got to do is set up your free Ditto Music account and you'll be able to start uploading your tracks to iHeart and reaching new fans.

Where can fans listen to my music?

Right now, iHeart Radio is only available to listeners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand, but Ditto also provides distribution to hundreds of other music stores all around the world. Check out where else you can sell your music.

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