Ditto Music vs DistroKid

You deserve the best for your music career. So partner with the only distributor that represents true independence. With Ditto you can release music without limits and reach fans on more global platforms than anywhere else.

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Ditto Music vs Distrokid

Pricing & Features

With Ditto you can earn more from your music, plan your release strategy down to a tee and get help reaching a wider audience from our industry pros. Plus you can try us for free for 30 days to see for yourself why we’re the best distributor out there.

See exactly how Ditto compares to Distrokid below.

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Ditto Music
Free trial
$19 p/y
$22.99 p/y
Choose your release date
$39.99 plan only
Publishing royalty collection
Add new platforms to old releases
$7.95 p/y
Keep your music in stores long term
Promo services
Royalty splits
Official chart registration
Speed to Spotify
1-3 days
1-3 days
Custom label names
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Is Ditto Music better than Distrokid?

Trying to decide between Ditto Music or Distrokid? Here’s why Ditto is the obvious choice every time.

1. Pay less, earn more.

It costs less per year to release unlimited music everywhere with Ditto. And unlike Distrokid, Ditto Publishing offers the chance to earn even more money from mechanical and performance royalties. That’s way more bang for your buck!

2. Keep 100% of your royalties.

Not only will you keep everything you earn (we won’t withhold up to 30% like Distrokid have been known to do in some countries!), you can also set up automatic split payments direct from your Ditto account. That means you can pay band members and collaborators their fair share without any fuss or charge.

3. Develop your career.

Distrokid does the bare minimum for artists. Ditto offers promotional campaigns to upcoming talent to help advance their music career. Plus we scout musicians to sign to our Ditto Plus record label services where we can offer more support with playlisting and promo.

4. Learn and grow as an artist

We love to help the Ditto Community uncover new ways to break into the industry and fast track their career. Our socials, blogs and YouTube channel are filled with resources to help you make your music go further.

5. Reach a global audience.

Ditto Music releases music to big players like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok and more, but also major international music services across China, Korea, South America and Africa

6. Tailor your release strategy.

With Ditto you can choose an exact release for your music. With Distrokid's basic plan, you can’t! Ditto also offers free chart registration and other advanced promo services you won’t get when you use Distrokid.

7. Advanced data and reporting.

Track streams, downloads and listener demographics across every music platform from your personal Ditto dashboard. Discover who is tuning in to your music and where so you can plan the best next steps for your career.

8. We’re independent. We’re musicians.

We’re one of the last truly independent music companies out there. Brothers & co-CEOs Matt & Lee Parsons founded Ditto Music after struggling to release their own music back in the mid 2000s. We’ve been there and know the struggle’s musicians face.

Thinking of moving?

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over to Ditto and keep all of your existing streams and placements. Check out our FAQ article for more info on making the move. 

What our Artists Say.

Big Zuu

“With Ditto I’ve been able to grow & really focus on my next steps as a musician.”


“Ditto has given us the ability to control our music and package it in unique ways. They have fully supported our releases with some amazing results!”

Jaz Karis

“The Ditto team is great! You’re fully supported but still have complete creative control, which is the most important thing for an independent artist.”

Ted Jasper

“Ditto keep it real, back my music and give it the support it needs. I’m proud to be distributed by them!”

Mom Tudie

“With support from the Ditto team, I’ve been able to follow my own path. They’ve helped my music find new audiences around the world”

Lennis Rodriguez

“To be with Ditto is to be at home. You feel free, you feel heard. And as a singer, that is the goal.”


“Ditto has helped get our music out to millions and land some of the best playlists”

JB Scofield

“Working with Ditto has been a sick experience. They’ve got a solid team who are incredibly supportive of me and my team’s ideas & vision, allowing me to be the artist I want”

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