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Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists
May 2, 2023
It’s natural to want to make more money as an artist, but it can sometimes be difficult to make a living solely from your music in 2024. However, there are plenty of music-related side hustles that you can pursue to boost your income and grow your funds.

We’re here to help cover some of the best side hustles that struggling artists can get involved in to bolster their budgets in 2024. 

Earn more money through music

There are so many ways that artists in 2024 can make money from music. This list of music-related side hustles can help you figure out where you can be make the most of your skills and experiences alongside your dad-to-day tasks as a musician. Let's get into things.

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Teach music lessons

One of the most obvious side hustles for musicians to get into is to teach music lessons to others. Depending on your skillset and confidence level, you can easily offer lessons both in-person or online. You’ll be able to set your own rates and schedule whilst also sharing your knowledge and experiences with budding musicians.

This option can be both rewarding in a financial sense and in a more holistic way, allowing you to positively influence the next generation of independent musicians! 

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Session musician

Another popular way of making some extra cash on the side of your regular music is to offer your services to other bands as a session musician. Bands and artists are always on the lookout for session players to help them prepare to record in the studio or improve their up live set by adding extra instruments. 

This can be a great way to gain experience and grow your music industry network, all whilst earning an added income. Helping out other artists will help you expand your music network as well as your fanbase, and can also help you land more bookings for your regular musical projects. 

Music production

Music production is another great side hustle for those skilled in producing. Helping other musicians with their projects from your home studio - or studio space - is an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity and earn extra income.

Check out our top tips on how to maximise your chances of making extra money as a music producer in the video below.

Music arrangement

As a music arranger, you can help other musicians and artists arrange their music. This includes working with things like composition, instrumentation, and production of music. Knowing how to arrange a song and being able to pass this on to others offers an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent and earn some cash on the side.

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Music journalism

Getting into music journalism is another popular route for musicians looking to boost their budgets. If you have a passion for writing, you can consider starting a music blog or writing for music publications. You can write music reviews, cover industry news, or chat other music-related topics. 

You’ll also be able to attend lots of gigs and events (usually for free!) so this option can really help you build up your network and creative portfolio at the same time. Many universities and music colleges offer music journalism courses now too if this is a career path you're interested in following.

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Music photography

If music journalism isn’t quite your thing, then what about following a similar path and getting into music photography?

Taking photographs and videos of live performances, festivals and content for music videos is a great way to showcase your creativity alongside being able to get hands-on experience in the live music industry and allowing you to continue building your professional network alongside your performing career.

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

Become a music manager

A career in music management presents an excellent opportunity to enter the music industry and pave the way for an exciting music career. A lot of musicians fall into management just from being around the scene and picking up a lot of the required skills along the way.

As long as there are no conflicts of interest between your own musical project and the artist you are managing, then picking up some work as a music manager can work really nicely alongside your own music. This side hustle option is another that allows you to continue growing your circle as well as remaining directly involved within the live circuit.

Perform at private events

Many bands and musicians are hired to perform at private parties and events, ranging from exclusive intimate or stripped back acoustic shows to playing at weddings or birthday parties. If you’re comfortable and confident playing live, then why not advertise your act towards other events? It’s another easy way to boost your funds and is also a great way to practise in a less serious environment!

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

As an independent musician, it can sometimes be challenging to make a living solely from your music. However, with this guide of music-related side hustles, you'll definitely be able to plan how to supplement your income. 

All of these options can provide you with great experiences, the ability to network with other musicians and industry professionals, and also earn that much desired extra income.

Top Music Side Hustles for Struggling Artists

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