Apply to Play Festivals & Events Across the World

Apply to Play Festivals & Events Across the World
February 2, 2023
Stay up-to-date with the latest free music opportunities from around the world and apply to play festivals and events with our opportunities map, regularly updated with new gig opportunities and music competitions.

Find opportunities for unsigned bands, solo artists and DJs across the UK, USA, Australia and beyond. This map is frequently updated, so if you don't find something that suits you today, check back tomorrow to see what's new!

Don't forget to also check out which music grants are available in your region over at our Music Funding Map.

Apply to play music festivals & events worldwide

Scroll down below the map to see the full list of opportunities...

All opportunities we support are 100% free to apply and play.

Remember, before you apply to perform at any of these music festivals and events, be sure to read the application instructions and conditions carefully for the best chance of success. Some events may only accept submissions from artists of certain styles and genres, so make sure your act fits the bill before submitting your application.

Apply to play festivals in the UK & Europe

The Great Escape | Brighton, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

Future Echoes | Norrköping, Sweden | March 2024 | Apply here

Talinn Music Week | Talinn, Estonia | April, 2024 | Apply here

The British Country Music Festival | Blackpool, UK | August 2024 | Apply here

Beacon Festival | Oxfordshire, UK | June 2024 | Apply here

Dart Music Festival | Devon, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

NExSW | Various, UK| November 2023 | Apply here

LoopFest | Shropshire, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

Manchester Jazz Festival 2024 | Manchester, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

Casio Sessions | London, UK | Apply here Ditto Residency Partnership | UK and Ireland | 2023 | Apply here

ESNS 2024 | Groningen, The Netherlands | January, 2024 | Apply here

FOCUS Wales | Wrexham, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

Beyond The Music | Manchester, UK | October 2023 | Apply here

Elderflower fields | Sussex, UK | May 2024 | Apply here

Leigh Folk Festival | Essex, UK | June 2024 | Apply here

Apply to play festivals in the USA, Canada & Latin America

Strawberry | California | May 2024 | Apply here

Joshua Tree Music Festival | Joshua Tree, California | October 2023 | Apply here

NXNE | Toronto, Canada | June 2024 | Apply here

Blue Ox Music Festival | Wisconsin, USA | June 2024 | Apply here

Apply to play festivals in Australia, Africa & Asia

Bali Spirit Festival | Bali, Indonesia  | April 2024 | Apply here

Apply to Play Festivals & Events Across the World

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