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How to Write a Music Press Release: Template & Guide

How to Write a Music Press Release: Template & Guide
February 23, 2023
If you want to get media attention and blog coverage for your music - you need to create an awesome press release.

But what should you write, feature and link to in your press release to give yourself the best chance of getting pick up by journos and bloggers? We're here to help you craft the perfect press release ready to get your music discovered in 2024.

Before we dive in, there’s something you should know. Do-it-yourself PR isn’t easy. There are many reasons experienced music PR execs are in such high demand. But the main reason? Contacts.

The best PR people will have developed strong relationships with influencers and tastemakers over years, or perhaps even decades, in the industry. Becoming a trusted source of new music and fresh talent takes time, patience and dedication.

However, if you don’t have the budget to hire the professionals, do-it-yourself PR is the next best thing. And if your music is on point, there’s no reason why it won’t get picked up.

So, let’s discuss how to write a press release that bloggers won’t be able to resist. Here's a quick Unsigned Advice video explaining how to get your music posted by blogs. And don’t forget to check out our music press release template at the bottom of this article…

How to write a music press release

Make it easy for the recipient

This overshadows just about every other point I’m going to make.

It’s important to understand that music bloggers could receive hundreds (or more) emails and press releases in a single day. So get to the point quickly, make sure all the essential info is easy to read, recognise and reach with one or two clicks.

If they’re interested in your news, some busy music bloggers may simply copy and paste chunks of your press release into a new post without even contacting you, so keep this in mind too when you come to write it.

Grab their attention with the subject line

An exciting, interesting, irresistible subject line can be the difference between your email getting opened or ignored.

Generally, Awesome Band Releases New Single is not a compelling subject line. But you can make it interesting by adapting your pitch.

Are you heading out on tour? Supporting a well-known band? Does your track tackle a thought-provoking issue? Do you have an interesting music video? Have you collaborated with any well-known artists or producers? Make your subject line memorable enough to grab the receiver’s attention and compel them to read it.

How to Write a Music Press Release - Template & Guide

Don’t send attachments

Downloading attachments from someone you don’t know is risky, so in many cases, your email might simply be deleted if any files are attached.

Rather than attaching it, copy your press release into the body of the email and include links to your tracks on a well-known streaming platform (Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify).

If your music isn’t officially out yet, don’t attach an MP3 file. Instead, create a private Soundcloud link or unlisted YouTube video so you can share it with a select number of people in advance of your release date.

You can create a private Soundcloud link by selecting ‘private’ on the Basic Info tab of the platform's track uploader. The orange padlock indicates that the track is private.

How to Write a Music Press Release - Private SoundCloud upload

Alternatively, it’s easy to set up an unlisted YouTube video. Just select 'unlisted' when uploading your vid.

How to Write a Music Press Release - Unlisted YouTube video

Include links to your website, press shots & socials

Remember, it’s all about making it easy for the person receiving your press release. Did I mention that?

So, make sure to include direct links to your social media pages, website and a folder of press shots. That way, bloggers don’t need to spend their time searching for you online to tag you in posts or find a decent picture of you for their featured image. It’s worth setting up a Dropbox or Google Drive link with all of your essential assets - pictures, logos and a longer artist bio.

Add a personal touch

This isn’t a universal rule, but sometimes adding a brief, personal message to the email above your press release is a nice way to engage and build a potential relationship with the recipient. It doesn’t need to be an essay, just a quick hello, perhaps including their name and the title of their blog to show you’re genuinely aware of who you’re emailing.

Music press release template

Personal touch (Optional)

Hi [Blogger Name], I think this/my band would fit great on [Site Name]. Hope you get chance to check them/us out.

Heading, Image & Music

Awesome Band announces Cool Band support slot and debut release.

**Main Press Shot**

Listen here // Watch here // Get tickets

Paragraph 1 - The Pitch

This is where you should get the main point across, elaborate on your heading and let the reader know the specifics.

Paragraph 2 - Important info

Here’s your chance to add a little more colour and show why your music should be featured. Explain your new release, tour or other news in more detail and let the reader know why this is worth their time.

Paragraph 3 - Artist bio

Let the reader know a little more about you with a brief bio and overview of your music, history, influences, style etc.

Paragraph 4 - Endorsements / quotes

“This is the best band ever” Joe Blogs, Music Mag“
I really love this band, honest” Jane Journo, Another Music Mag

You could also include a direct quote from yourself or the artist here about the music, upcoming tour or any other focus of the press release.

Sign off - Contact details / Website, press kit and social links

Please contact awesomeband@gmail.com for interviews, guest list and further info.

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Press Kit

How to Write a Music Press Release: Template & Guide

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