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How to Monetize & Promote Music on Triller

How to Monetize & Promote Music on Triller
May 14, 2020
Triller is one of the latest social media and video creation platforms to emerge as a rival to TikTok.

It’s already attracted big names like The Weeknd, Marshmello and Kendrick Lamar and is another worthwhile avenue for upcoming musicians to reach new fans.

How to promote music on Triller

So why should you promote your music on Triller? Well, how about the fact that as of this year, it currently has 65 million monthly users as well as 250 million downloads. Plus, it’s a pretty young app - so it’s likely those numbers will continue to keep growing and fast!

Another interesting point - you can directly upload music to Triller, or even integrate with Spotify - and post it through a 15 second video clip on the platform. Triller is now one of the best new media ways to expose yourself to an audience of likeminded listeners, proving especially successful for hip-hop and international artists.  

So how can you get started promoting music on Triller?

Getting started with Triller for musicians

Once you’ve downloaded the Triller app, you can start uploading your first videos.

You can also start browsing the platform’s existing content before you upload anything. It’s worth spending a bit of time seeing what other people are posting and familiarising yourself with the app before you post.

1. Choose a song from your own music collection, Spotify or Triller music library.

2. Record a video to accompany your track

3. Upload your video to Triller.

4. The AI tech on Triller will automatically edit your video, but you can add your own effects too.

5. Post your video on Triller and share it across all your social channels.

How to build a following on Triller

Triller has the potential to help you reach new fans, but you won’t get far just posting a video with your music.

You need to engage with users and fans to grow your following. Here’s how.

- Get involved with and create trends and challenges

- Like, comment and engage other users

- Repost your content to other platforms

What are Triller Challenges?

Triller Challenges give you the opportunity to create your own unique challenges for fans to make videos for. (Ex: a dance challenge or lip-sync challenge).

Much of Triller’s most popular and engaging content revolves around challenges. You can jump on an existing challenge or create your own based around your music.

TIP: You can head to Triller’s ‘discover page’ to find out which hashtags are trending right now.

Music Industry Case Study: Calboy's 'Envy Me'

One of the best known challenges was set by rapper Calboy during the release of his track 'Envy Me'. The song blew up after only x days when he started a dance challenge with the hashtag #Envyme challenge.

Fans then reposted their versions of the challenge with the hashtag, which quickly created hype for the song via its triller video success.

Envy me challenge video

Envy me challenge video

The results? 'Envy Me' gathered millions of new streams, landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was added to Spotify's notorious RapCaviar playlist.

If you want to start your own challenge, come up with a short description of what the challenge involves and create a unique #hashtag so you can track anyone who takes part.

Make sure to engage with anyone and everyone who takes part in your challenge. You could even offer prizes to your favourite entries to drum up more interest and hype.

How to make money from Triller

Triller has a currency all of its own in the form of Gold and Gems.

Here’s how it works.

Fans can exchange real cash for Triller Gold. They can then “donate” the Gold they buy to verified users. Once you’ve earned a certain amount of Gold, you can convert it into Gems, which can then be cashed out as real money.

In a similar way to crowdfunding and membership subscription services, it’s a great way for fans to support artists and help raise money for things like new studio equipment or upcoming projects. But here’s the kicker.

Only verified users will get a “donate” button on their Triller profile. So how can you get verified?

How to get verified on Triller

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official verification requirements for musicians to aim for (other than already being a successful musician with a large fanbase). However, there are a number of tactics that can definitely improve your chances.

1. Get plenty of likes on your videos.

2. Build up a large following.

3. Post content regularly.

It’s all about getting recognized as an influencer by Triller and the platform's other users. If you’re new to the scene, this can take time. Just keep making fun, interesting content - as well as great new music to share!

Once you’ve built up a following and you’re regularly posting great content, your profile will eventually get verified and you can start receiving donations from fans and followers.

How to Monetize & Promote Music on Triller

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