AI for Music Production: 10 Tools to Produce Like a Pro

AI for Music Production: 10 Tools to Produce Like a Pro
June 7, 2023
Artificial Intelligence technology has already massively disrupted the way musicians create and consume music. AI music tools are helping artists build base melodies, write new songs as well as building out fully composed AI-generated tracks ready for uploading to Spotify and Apple Music.

Helping you easily create new sounds, AI production tools can help save independent musicians a lot of time and effort during music production stages. We’ve put together a list of the best AI music production tools available to musicians in 2023.

How to produce music with AI

AI generates algorithms and new music through analysing large amounts of musical data and learning the patterns of its composition. Once the tech has enough information, tools can learn the unique properties of music, and produce something new based on the data it received.

Music AI tools use neural networks that are really large sets of bits of computers that try to mimic how the brain works. You can basically throw tons of music at it and the neural network will learn the patterns. Basically a fast-track version of how we learn by repeatedly being shown things.

Here’s our list of useful AI music tools to help you with your music production.

10 AI tools for music production

AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Magenta


Magenta Studio is a collection of music plugins built on Magenta’s open source tools and models. Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques for music generation, Magenta is available to use as a standalone application or as a plugin for Ableton Live. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Orb

Orb Producer Suite

Helping producers generate melodies, basslines, and wavetable synthesiser sounds, Orb Producer utilises state-of-the-art technology to create infinite musical patterns and loops for musicians to base ideas off. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Amper


Amper is designed to require a minimum amount of input to create a unique piece of music. The music generated is generated from scratch before being composed, performed, produced and recorded for content creators of all kinds. There's no pre-created material, licensed music, or premade loops. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians -AIVA


AIVA composes emotional soundtracks for ads, video games, or movies. Alongside building songs from scratch, the app can also be used to produce variations of existing songs. The music engine that powers AIVA makes the production of corporate or social media videos much easier, as it removes the need for music licensing.


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - MuseNet


Owned and operated by OpenAI, MuseNet generates songs with up to 10 different instruments and in up to 15 different styles. MuseNet allows you to enjoy a lot of AI-generated music, but doesn’t allow you to generate your own music at this current stage. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Jukedeck


Jukedeck relies on deep neural networks to analyse music data and compose original music for you. Each track you build on Jukedeck can be easily edited, so you're able to change up the tempo or length of your composition. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - WavTool


WavTool was the very first text-to-music AI tool to hit the market. Easily accessible via your browser, WavTool offers users an AI assistant to assist with generating new sounds, midi composition and help controlling effects. You can try out WavTool for free with a limited number of daily prompts to see if its chatbot feature can help you produce the next big hit! 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians -

Developed by scientists, uses artificial intelligence to generate music to make your brain more productive and focused. Brain claims that the music created with their AI music composer achieves its effects in just ten to fifteen minutes. At the moment, you can’t use to create your own music, as this platform is better suited for people who have a tough time maintaining focus.


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music generates music based around scene and mood. Scenes and moods include Party, Travel, Fashion, Happy, and Serious. Once chosen, simply click on the Create Music button, and the platform will automatically generate the soundtrack for your video. 


AI for Music Production: 10 Tools for Musicians - Boomy


Boomy is an AI music generation community that lets users create original material and get paid for it on social media platforms. You can then submit those songs to streaming platforms like Spotify, TikTok and YouTube making Boomy a really useful AI production tool. 


Musicians should never look to use AI for every aspect of their music creation. The very concept of the technology removes the creativity that nearly all artists get into music for in the first place.

That said, AI production tools can really help spark musical inspiration and help you take your next release to the next level. Independent musicians can look to utilise the tools we’ve mentioned here to step their music production up a level.

AI for Music Production: 10 Tools to Produce Like a Pro

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