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Tidal is well known for both its high fidelity sound and high royalty payments. There's never been a better time to put your songs on Tidal, get heard by new global audiences and earn even more money to fund your music career. With Ditto, you'll keep 100% of your royalties.
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How to get your music on Tidal

1. Create your free Ditto Music account.

2. Upload music to Tidal along with its artwork, lyrics and release day.

3. Add credits and collaborators to share in your Tidal royalties.

4. Get a free Pre-Save link to share with your fanbase.

5. Receive full streaming reports and keep 100% of the money you make.

How to release music on Tidal

Why upload your songs to Tidal?

Higher royalty rates and legions of worldwide users makes Tidal an industry leader and one of the best platforms to release & promote your music on.

Releasing music to Tidal through Ditto also means you'll also get a free Tidal Pre-Save link to share with fans before your next big music drop.

We’ll also give you the option to make your music available on Tidal in HD quality, giving your fans a high-fidelity listening experience every time they tune in.

Why use Ditto Music?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.

Keep 100% of your royalties & rights.

Access pre-save, royalty splits and lyric uploads.

Get in-depth insights into streams, sales & listener data.

At Ditto Music, we support over a million artists worldwide. We’ve been powering independent music for over a decade, helping artists share their music with fans on the world’s biggest music platforms.

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How to get your music on Tidal

Tidal Music Distribution Explained

Can I get my music on Tidal?

Yes! As soon as you sign up to Ditto, you can start uploading music to all the biggest platforms instantly - including Tidal. Before you submit your music, make sure it meets our audio guidelines and artwork rules to ensure it passes Tidal’s upload requirements and gets accepted.

How long does it take to upload songs to Tidal?

It will usually take a minimum of 14 days from the day you upload your tracks via the Ditto Release Builder platform to go live on Tidal.

Can I choose a specific Tidal release date?

You can! Unlike many other music distributors, Ditto lets you choose the exact date you’d like your release to go live across all stores and platforms.  Just keep in mind, the date you choose should be no earlier than 2 weeks from the date you upload your track to Ditto.

How much money will I make from Tidal?

Lots of factors can affect streaming royalties, it’s hard to say exactly how much money you can make from getting your music streamed on Tidal. However, the platform is recognised as having one of the highest royalty payment rates out there.

When will I get paid by Tidal?

The estimated turnover for receiving Tidal payments is around two months from the time after your tracks have been successfully uploaded and released. You can expect to receive 100% of your Tidal royalties directly into your Ditto account as soon as we receive them from the platform.

How can I get more streams on Tidal?

Signing up to Tidal for Artists is the most effective way to generate more streams, more discovery opportunities and more promo potential for your music. Make sure you’re staying up-to-date with our Unsigned Advice blog and subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on the latest industry tips, tricks & advice.

How do I start uploading music to Tidal?

When you sign up for a free Ditto Music account you’ll automatically get a 30-day free trial that you can use to start uploading your music to Tidal right away. It’s really that easy. Plus you’ll keep absolutely everything you earn!

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