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5 Easy Ways to Get DJing Gigs in 2022

After an uncertain past couple of years for any-and-all people working in live events, many musicians and DJs will be hoping for a much more successful 2022 in terms of live music. 

While some traditional tips for getting music gigs will still be effective, it might also be time to shake things up and try some different marketing tactics that you might not have embraced in the past. So in this blog, we’ll take a look at five completely different ways to get DJ gigs in 2022!


How to get more DJ gigs in 2022

Considering the climate that DJs were operating in throughout 2020 and 2021, you won’t be alone if your calendar never quite looked as full as it was in 2019, even if you had a better year than the previous one.

With NYE now thoroughly in the rear-view mirror, it may well be a good excuse to review your marketing strategy and maximise any opportunities that may come your way this year.

Here are 5 top tips that might help! 

1. Diversify your act


5 easy ways to get dj gigs - diversify your act


It is entirely possible that, as a DJ, you have a niche that you lean into. It could be the type of music you play, the equipment you use, or the kind of venue you usually play at – like Funk and Soul DJs or Club DJs.

If you specialise as a DJ, 2022 might be the year to try and broaden your appeal – is there another type of act you could offer?

For example...

If you’re a Club DJ, could you try offering Chill sets at modern venues to secure bookings earlier in the day?

If you’re a Funk and Soul specialist, perhaps you could look into doing all-vinyl sets using similar music?

If you usually DJ at weddings or functions, could you investigate getting booked for public venues and events?

Obviously, this is unlikely to be a simple process. However, you may well pick up more gigs in 2022 by offering different packages to a wider range of customers and branching out in your musical stylings.


2. Look into international gigs


5 easy ways to get dj gigs - look into international gigs


If you have predominantly been UK-based in the past, perhaps 2022 could be the year you investigate securing a few bookings abroad.

While travelling internationally for work is still  limited by COVID travel rules as before the pandemic, it is still possible to secure lucrative bookings in other countries at private and public events.

Creating a profile on an international event directory like Gig Heaven might be vital to securing more work abroad in 2022. Otherwise you should always be on the lookout for social media posts offering opportunities – try joining some of the larger Facebook groups, like DIY Tour Postings for instance.


3. Update your branding


5 easy ways to get dj gigs in 2022 - update your branding


When was the last time you updated your branding?

If your marketing materials are looking a little tired, 2022 could be the perfect time for a brand refresh.

This could include looking over the biographical information on your website, taking fresh press shots,  done or even getting some new physical marketing materials like business cards or pop-up banners.

Having great promo material will help with securing more bookings this year.


4. List with an entertainment agency or directory


5 easy ways to get dj gigs in 2022 - list with an online agency


If you’ve been securing the majority of your bookings yourself, 2022 could be the year you change that up.

Signing up with an entertainment agency may enable you to get more work, albeit with a commission taken from your fee.

Joining an entertainment directory will allow you to build a profile yourself and communicate directly with potential clients.

Before joining either, it may be beneficial to look into the types of promotional material they will need, such as an EPK, press shots or a music press release. 


5. Check-in with previous clients


5 easy ways to get dj gigs in 2022 - check in on previous clients


It may sound obvious, but a polite email to previous clients (just checking in for the new year) can help put you front and centre in their minds for any events they are planning.

Don’t spam or annoy anybody, but a friendly reminder that you’re available (perhaps including any offers or updates you are planning for the year) might be just the thing to top up your bookings for 2022.

You can also take a look at your quoting process and see if there is any way it could be improved. 

Are you a DJ with previous experience securing gigs and shows? How has the pandemic impacted your strategy for finding performance opportunities? Tell us about it below! 


Author Bio

This is a guest blog by Jon Fellowes of Gig Heaven, an international site for putting event suppliers and customers in touch – signing up as a DJ is free and easy to do.