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Why release music on Pandora?

Pandora is one of the world's biggest internet radio stations, where tens of millions of listeners go to browse and uncover new music.

Release your songs on Pandora for the chance to get played, heard and get discovered on this massive American music service.

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By uploading music to Pandora, you'll give your tracks a better chance of reaching fans worldwide in a place many listeners go to specifically to uncover new music.

Pandora is a curated music service, so while it's worth uploading your music through Ditto to give your tracks a chance at being featured, we can't guarantee they'll get played.

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How to release music on Pandora

Sign Up

Sign Up

Get unlimited free distribution for 30-days.

Upload & Release

Upload & Release

We’ll distribute your music to hundreds of streaming and download platforms.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Keep 100% of your rights and royalties with speedy payouts.

We'll give your music the best possible chance of being heard on Pandora internet radio.

When people hear it, you'll receive 100% of the royalties it generates directly into your Ditto Music account.

Just sign up, upload your track and we’ll do the rest.

Why join Ditto Music?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.
Keep 100% of your royalties & rights.
Access advanced tools like pre-save, chart registration & more.
Get in-depth insights into streams, sales & playlists.
At Ditto Music, we support over 200,000 artists worldwide. We’ve been powering independent music for over a decade, helping artists share their music with fans on the world’s biggest music platforms.