Pon tu música en Deezer

Llega a nuevos seguidores de todo el mundo en Deezer y quédate con el 100% de las regalías que ganes. Empezar a subir sencillos, EPs y álbumes ilimitados a Deezer con Ditto es muy sencillo y acceder a todas las herramientas que necesitas para triunfar.
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Cómo subir tu música a Deezer

1. Crea tu cuenta gratuita de Ditto Music.

2. Sube tu música a Deezer, así como las carátulas, las letras y la fecha de lanzamiento.

3. Añade créditos y colaboradores para compartir tus regalías de Deezer.

4. Obtén un enlace gratuito de Pre-Save para compartirlo con tu base de fans.

5. Recibe informes completos de streaming y quédate con el 100% del dinero que ganes.

Cómo subir música a Deezer

¿Por qué poner tus canciones en Deezer?

Deezer es uno de los servicios de streaming más populares del mundo y ofrece música nueva a diario para millones de oyentes de todo el mundo.

Cuando publiques música en Deezer con Ditto, te unirás a los muchos artistas emergentes importantes que ya están cosechando éxitos musicales a través de la plataforma.

Por cada canción que publiques en Deezer a través de Ditto, también recibirás un enlace gratuito a Deezer Pre-Save que podrás compartir con tus fans antes del día de su lanzamiento.

¿Por qué usar Ditto Music?

Lanza música ilimitada a cientos de tiendas.

Quédate con el 100% de tus regalías y derechos.

Accede a pre-save, división de regalías y carga de letras.

Obtén información detallada sobre streams, ventas y oyentes.

En Ditto Music, apoyamos a más de un millón de artistas en todo el mundo. Llevamos más de una década impulsando la música independiente, ayudando a los artistas a compartir su música con los fans en las mayores plataformas musicales del mundo.

Cómo subir tu música a Deezer


Can I get my music on Deezer?

Yep! Anyone can upload music to Deezer through Ditto. You’ll need to make sure your tracks and artwork meet the specific requirements outlined by the platform in order to get your submission accepted. Read our audio guidelines and artwork rules for more info.

How long does it take to put songs on Deezer?

Our Release Express service lets you upload your music to Deezer in less than 72 hours. Otherwise it will usually take around 14 days for your tracks to be processed by our team and accepted by Deezer.

Can I choose a release date on Deezer?

Yes! When you upload new music to Deezer through Ditto, you can choose the exact date you’d like the release to drop. The date you choose needs to be at least 2 weeks from the day you upload it to our platform.

How much money will I make from Deezer?

Like Spotify and Apple Music, Deezer pays artists based on a pay per stream rate. This rate varies based on things like listener subscription plans and locations. Which means it’s difficult to predict exactly how much money you will make from getting your music streamed on Deezer.

How often will I get paid by Deezer?

There’s a delay time of roughly around two months between getting your music uploaded to the Deezer and the first royalties arriving into your account. Then payments continue every two to three months. As soon as we receive your royalties from Deezer, we pay you 100%.

How can I get people to stream my music on Deezer?

Signing up to Deezer for Creators allows you to customise your profile, connect directly with your fans and track how your music is performing over time. Don’t forget you can find all the latest music industry advice on promoting and pushing your music on our Unsigned Advice blog and in our newsletter.

How do I start releasing tracks on Deezer?

You can begin uploading music to Deezer right now with a 30 day free trial with Ditto Music Sign up and create your free account and start uploading unlimited singles, EPs and albums through our Release Builder. We're here if you've got any questions.

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