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The Best FREE Band Website Creators

The Best FREE Band Website Creators
November 29, 2016
Having a dedicated band website is essential for musicians looking to promote their music, get gigs and reach new fans. Studies show that official band websites are the main driving force behind increasing fans and sales, but with a tight budget, creating a killer site isn't always easy.

Your official band website should be the centre point of all your collective activity, from music blog posts and news to new music and tour dates. It's crucial to get the official domain name for your website, as this makes it much easier for fans to find you via search engines. You can create your own website for under £10 a year on sites such as; 123Reg, GoDaddy and WordPress, but where can you get one without shelling out your hard-earned cash?

Here are 5 great sites where you can create your own interactive professional websites for free.


The Best FREE Band Website Creators


Music Glue is a specialist platform on which bands and musicians can quickly create a free website and store. Artists can easily customise their website and use it sell music, merchandise, tickets and experiences, direct to their fans. Music Glue is currently used by over 35,000 bands, including Goldfrapp, Black Sabbath, Kate Tempest and more.

• Free to set up your profile.

• No monthly fees.

• You're only charged commission on anything you sell.

• A range of themes and bespoke profile designs to work with.

• Integrates with all social media platforms.

• Sell merchandise, tickets, music and more.

• Embed email mailing list sign up forms on your site.

• Available for over 25 different languages and currencies.

Check out Music Glue here



Weebly is one of the world's most popular website creators. The site offers the a free website building tools, as well as several tiers of paid options to get even more from your site. Here are some of the free features:

• Diverse site templates

• Simple drag and drop building capabilities

• 500mb of storageSearch engine optimisation

• Lead capture options

• Access to a community forum

• Client support via chat and email

Check out Weebly here

The Best FREE Band Website Creators


FourFour is a website builder designed specifically for musicians and bands, which takes the hassle out of setting up a site dedicated to promoting your music. The site offers both free and premium paid options. Here's what the free tier offers:

• Web hosting and domain name

• Colours, font and background options

• Multi-user access

• Website analytics

• Content management

• Mailing list management

• Music player and online store

Check out FourFour here

The Best FREE Band Website Creators


In their own words, Webstarts “doesn’t limit your creative ability.” Some of the features of a Webstart site are:

• Use of a previous domain name or register a new one on site

• Choose from 100s of changeable templates

• Build forms to capture data from visitors; find where they’re located, their age, gender and email address for better marketing

• Search Engine Optimization; make sure you're found through different search engines

• Create an online store to sell your music and merchandise directly to the fans

• Media integration; embed, photos, music and videos

• Earn money from your site by allowing adverts to be placed around your site and keep 100% of the revenue

Check out Webstarts here

The Best FREE Band Website Creators


Emyspot allows users to create a free website with similar features to that of Webstart but has more focus on creating e-commerce sites, which would allow you as an artist to sell your music and merchandise as well as analyse your statistics. Other features Emyspot offer are:

• Press Kits

• Photo slideshows

• Downloadable press releases; for reviews, festivals, etc.

• Integrated MP3 players

• Embed media straight from Youtube and Dailymotion

• Create multi-user management accounts which would allow more than one member of the band to edit and upload content on to the site

Check out Emyspot here

The Best FREE Band Website Creators


Wix is a very popular and well known free website creator, with over 68,000,000 sites created. Wix has a mixture of features from both Webstart and Emyspot such as:

• 100’s of pre designed templates

• Top hostingDrag and drop media and content

• 24/7 support

• Search Engine Optimization

• Innovative plugin-ins and add ons

• Create online stores for e-commerce

• Social Media buttons to share, like, tweet content

• Mobile friendly site, for fans who want to access the band through their mobile

• Plus a lot of free content, such as; fonts menus, music etc.

Check out Wix here

The Best FREE Band Website Creators

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