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5 Important Rules When You Submit Music To Blogs

5 Important Rules When You Submit Music To Blogs
April 7, 2017
Do you want to get your new track featured on your favourite music blog? Whether you’re submitting your music to iconic sites or small indie blogs, you need to make a good first impression.

Whatever your genre or style, there's a blog out there to match, as well as fans who’ll want to listen to and buy your music, probably read that blog. So how do you get there?

How to submit to music blogs

Obviously, your music has to be good, or at least unique or interesting enough to make the curator or blog owner take notice.

That's the number one unwritten rule. But if you've got good music, you still need to present it well. So here are 5 essential tips to give your track a better chance of being picked up.

1. Choose the right blogs for your music

Make sure you are submitting your music to a blog that usually features similar kind tracks. Sounds simple, right? But you’ll need to do your research, and only submit if you are positive there's a good chance they might feature it.

Think if you just blast out a thousand generic emails you'll get played? Well, maybe you will. But you'll also annoy a lot of people who may have actually enjoyed your music had they listened.

2. Follow the submission guidelines

This point is particularly important. If you don’t follow the guidelines for submission laid out on the blog you’re submitting to, chances are your track will be ignore. The guidelines will be on the site, most likely on the blog’s submission page itself. Read them. Follow them.

3. Find the correct contact details

While many music blogs will have a dedicated submission form, sometimes it’s a matter of searching for the contact details of the person who runs the site.

Make sure you send your music to the right person. Take the time to find the person whose responsible for submissions, so you can address your email with a 'Dear John' rather than a generic 'Dear Mr Music Blogger' or similar. It shows you’ve taken the time to learn more about the blog itself and that you care enough to do your research.

4. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation

Make sure you have good spelling, grammar and punctuation, so the blogger can at least understand you. Music bloggers are usually professional writers. They will notice if you have a lots of spelling mistakes. This doesn't necessarily mean they will disregard you entirely, but they might. It shows a lack of professionalism, so get a friend or band mate to help check your submission before your send it out.

5. Make it easy for the blogger

Include clear links to your music social media pages and track, whether it’s on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify or all the above. Instead of clogging up someone's inbox with huge files, or making them download things, just send a link. But always double check the link is working.

You’ll likely need to include a bio explaining a little about yourself and your music. Make sure to keep this brief and to the point, but still interesting enough to catch their attention. Don’t send an essay. A wall of text is enough to put anyone with a busy schedule off reading your submission.

There you have it. Five simple tips to increase your chance of getting a blog feature for your music.

If you’re ready to submit your tracks right now, check out this article on music blogs accepting submissions from independent artists and start spreading the word about your tracks.

5 Important Rules When You Submit Music To Blogs

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