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How to reach more fans with your Facebook band page

Facebook can offer an easy and effective way for bands and musicians to communicate with their fans and promote themselves to new listeners, but the platform’s organic reach can sometimes hold you back. So how do you get through to people?




The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) is a world leader in music industry education. We caught up with ACM, to get their insights and tips for bands who want to reach more fans on Facebook...


Facebook for musicians: How to increase your reach

If you’re taking your career seriously, then you should be taking your social media seriously. Facebook has incredibly deep functionality that you can use to reach new audiences really easily - so use it!


1. Sponsored posts & targeting

Sponsored posts have been around for a long time, and are great for reaching new audiences.

You can get incredibly specific with the targeting of Ads on Facebook now, so if you’re not using this to the best of your ability then you’re missing a trick. Are you a rock band with a gig coming up in a specific town? Then target people in that town who like rock music. Simple, right? But don’t stop there.



Use sponsored posts to reach even more of your target audience


Get creative with it. Really try to think outside the box and use this targeting to your advantage. Put a lot of thought into the targeting of each post that you’re putting your money behind. Facebook will take your money all day, and plenty of bands will just put £50 behind a post, put some vague targeting on it, and think it’s doing well because it’s got some likes. You need to make sure that you understand who you want to see your post, and that Facebook will understand that from the targeting you specify. 

While you’re at it, get your band’s Facebook page set up as a business and link it your band’s website. Set up a Facebook pixel on your site so you can start tracking people from it, and then you can target your ads to them on Facebook. Got that? Good.


2. Video

If you’re still posting your videos to Facebook embedded from Youtube, stop.

Uploading your videos directly to Facebook will deliver significantly more reach, so unless part of your strategy is specifically building a Youtube channel, you should be uploading them directly. 

Think about how you can use video to really engage with your fans. You could play a live session on Facebook; take requests or test new tracks. Speak directly to your fans about your music. Give people a behind-the-scenes look at your recording process, rehearsals, anything your band is doing that might be interesting to anyone that’s stumped up a like for your page.



Uploading videos directly to Facebook will drastically increase their reach



3. Look at what your favourite bands are doing

Who are your influences? Are they doing anything on Facebook you haven’t thought of? What grabs your attention? If they’re a similar artist to you, then it makes sense to borrow some of their tactics for yourself!


4. Engage with everyone, often


People like to feel special. So act accordingly. Make the effort with each and every fan of your band.

If someone leaves a comment to you saying they like your music, don’t just like it and say ‘thanks!’. Start a conversation with them! Ask what they like about it, and how they found out about the band. Leave a lasting impression.



Join the conversation and engage with your followers



5. Post consistent, exciting content regularly

This ties in with video. Make sure that you are rewarding your fans with consistently great and relevant content.

If all you’re doing when you post on Facebook is asking for people to stream or buy your music, or buy tickets to your gig, then you are going to turn people off pretty quickly. When people are scrolling through their feed, they want great content, relevant to them. Think about why people have liked your page, and what sort of posts they’d expect to see from a band like you. Tell your story. Make it personal. Show them sneak peeks of some cool artwork, give them links to free downloads of your music, share videos that you think are hilarious, or topical.

Also, mix it up; make sure you’re using all of Facebook’s functionality. Upload great Photos from your gigs (tag yourselves in these sick crowd shots!), make Events with all your upcoming gigs and releases, make it easy for people to access your Shop, and Mailing List. Have a clear and interesting About section! You never know who might be trying to find out some extra details about you, so don’t make it hard for people. 

Finally, make sure that your posts and promotions on Facebook tie in with your overall strategy. Carve out some time every day to check in on the page, and respond to messages and comments. Stay active, creative, and have fun with it!



PS: Don’t try and shortcut your way to lots of likes on your page. There’s plenty of ways to buy likes, but it won’t cross over to actual engagement and is plainly obvious to anyone taking a look at your page. Avoid!